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  1. If you have a bow rider with a bow seat I recommend having a custom planer mast made. Use a seat post and have a competent aluminum welder attach your planer mast to it...super easy to set up/take down and stores easily too. I love mine. Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I run twin Scotty 1116 Pro Paks and I love 'em. NEVER had any probs. I like the telescoping boom and the auto retrieve/stop on 'em.
  3. Bought my dream boat in 2011. Lund 2150 Baron Gran Sport. Big enough to go in any waves you'd "sanely" venture out in (been in 8 footers no problem) but small enough to trailer anywhere in the country. Mercury Verado 300HP pushes it at 60 MPH on flat water. Added a 9.9 pro kicker, a 101LB 36V Minn Kota Fortrex on the bow, a Humminbird 1198SI for electronics, and a Speed troll. Scotty Electric down riggers on the back complete the package. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Spend a pretty penny on it but it's the boat I'll have for the rest of my life.
  4. I run a 2011 Lund Baron that stretches out to 21' 10". It's a great all purpose boat but a bit large for smaller waters. It handles ANY wave that's thrown at it and trailers like a dream. I upgraded the power plant to a 300 HP Verado (comes stock w/ a 250 HP) and put an extended shaft 9.9 kicker on it (Top speed so far = 58 MPH). I chose the Lund for a number of reasons, but primarily was their reputation and the fact that the kicker has it's own controls at the helm with electric tilt (nice feature). There aren't too many used Barons out there (that should tell you something) so I ended up going with a brand new one (best price in NY= Martins Marina - they beat the closest price quote I got in WNY by over $8K) ) and never regretted that decision so far. If you are getting something in the 20' + range, make sure it has a tandem axle trailer. They tow ALOT better. Brakes are preferred too (surge or electric). just my 2¢...
  5. Thanks to all for your advise and for relating your experiences.. It's all purchased and now I just have to spend some time setting it all up. To satisfy any curiosities I went with: Hummingbird 1198 SI Scotty ProPak 1116 36" - 60" Electric Down riggers Minn Kota Fortrex 101lb thrust - 36V - 62" shaft Speed Troll 900 Uniden VHF Marine radio w/ Shakespeare 8' antenna Anglers Pal Rod holders Big Jon Dual Planer board set up And.. yes.. when I ordered the boat, I got a 9.9 hp (extended shaft) kicker with the factory rigged controls at the helm Thx again & Good luck to all <°((()))><
  6. WOW !!! Thanx to ALL !! Lots of terrific advise here.. TWO virtual beers for you all! I am running an extended shaft 9.9 kicker in addition to the main motor (300 HP Verado) so I'll be using that for trolling. I was on the fence about the terranova with the ipilot but I think I'm gunna go for it. I'm running 3 batteries (dealer recommended) and so I'll go with the 36V. I was disappointed at the boat show. Although I DID get to see my new rig for the 1st time, there were no electronics vendors to talk with. I guess Cabelas, Bass Pro and the internet killed their participation in those types of shows. I was able to stop and "talk turkey" with the guy behind the counter at the Bass Pro in Auburn (very knowledgeable BTW) and after having seen the Lowrance HD units, I'm going to go with an HDS-8 at the dash, and an HD-7 at the bow. I may even pull the trigger and spend the extra $600 for the side view option.. it’s pretty cool. Thx for the transducer upgrade advise. I'll DEFINATELY do that too. If I find I'm switching too much between GPS and F-Finder on the HDS-8 at the dash. I'll get another HDS-7 and split the duty later on. Good luck to all on the water and I'll may see some (or all) of you at the seminar this weekend. Again.. can’t thank ya enough for al the advise.. (as a comparison, I posted a similar post on walleye.com and get 2 responses in 3 months)!! YOU GUYS (& GALS) ROCK !!!! Steve <°((())><
  7. Thanks to all ... Lots of great advise here. Here's a virtual beer for you all.. I'm headed to the boat show in Syracuse this weekend to talk with the vendors and see my boat for the first time. If any of you make it there.. Mine is the blue one on display for Martins Marina & Motel out of Cape Vincent. Stop by and check it out but please.. don't drool on it too much. HAHAHAHA I've printed out what you've all suggested and will be using it it make my decisions soon.. thx again.. See ya on the water.. <°((()))><
  8. Thanks for the input. I think the Furuno 585 is a little more than I want to spend at this point. Maybe I'll consider it as an upgrade in the future. I've been hearing/reading about some negative experiences with Lowrance products. Does anybody have any personal experience with them? (Good or bad). I think I'm going to go with a separate Lowrance GPS and separate fish/depth finder. Perhaps a Lowrance HDS-7m chart plotter and an Elite 5X fish finder but I'm apprehensive about buying Lowrance products after the bad press I'm reading. I'm looking to spend $500-$800 on each unit so if anybody has any recommendations in that price range (Lowrance or otherwise), I'd sure appreciate your feedback. Also, I'm about as "new" to LO Trout/Salmon fishing as you can get. (Never been but want to try/learn). What's the deal with the Fishhawk X4 rig mentioned below? I never heard of such a thing. Is this something that you attach to a downrigger to get a better "picture" of where thermo clines, etc are? Is this a "necessary" piece of equipment if I get serious about Ontario Salmon, etc?
  9. Name: Steve Location: Franklinville, NY Home Port: Mayville, NY Boat Name/Type: "LOVE CHOP" (2011 Lund Baron 2150 Gran Sport) I fish for: EVERYTHING Hi, I recently ordered a 2011 Lund Baron 2150 Gran Sport and am soliciting your opinions on what electronics you'd recommend. Obviously I'm going to put a chartplotter/GPS unit, a fish/depth finder and a marine radio. I'm looking for your opinions on whether to go with a 2-in-1 screen, seperate units or specific models. Color v black & white, screen sized HD or no HD, stuff like that. Also, I'd really appreciate any input on stuff to stay away from or relating any bad experiences you've had with particular units or companies whether it was during the purchase, warranty claims, etc. I'm planning on using the boat mostly (95%) on big water (Great lakes) and going after walleye and salmon. I have a smaller rig for small inland lakes that I'll use for panfish, etc. And lastly, any advise on electric trolling motors is appreciated. I'm not trying to turn this into a mud slinging event or a "Ford V Chevy" type argument post. I'm just looking to tap into the great weath of knowledge from all you fine folks.... P.S. I am NOT a new charter guy looking to steal your secrets.. I'm just a private citizen who likes to fish.. that's all.. if you want to PM me instead of replying in public, that's fine. ALL OPINIONS APPRECIATED. Thanks, Steve <°((()))><
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