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  1. Anyone have pics so I can see? Thanks
  2. Rod Storage? How do you guys store your rods when they aren't on the boat? I have like 35 of them and I'm sure a lot of you guys have even more than that. Any homemade rod holders? The ones you buy are expensive considering they barely hold any if there are reels on them and you have to buy a bunch in that case.
  3. i guess last thing I really wanna know is how new of a version would I need? Like if I look on ebay they have them from all different years.How do they work? Are they all pre loaded with stuff or do I go on and download which ones I want?
  4. Does that cover Lake O too? It's hard to tell from pictures
  5. Navionics Chip Recommendation? Not to sound stupid but I have a Lowrance Elite 4 chart plotter. I gather I should have an extra chip with it other than what it comes with. Can someone point me in the right direction as to what Chip I want to get for it? I basically will be in NY most always and I want something that will help me get by with structure underwater so I don't hit anything and help me find my way around and locate fish. I don't know if I necessarily need the top of the line thing but Like when I go on cabellas or bass pro and look there are so many choices I have no idea what to get. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks
  6. These are really interesting guys. Love the pics and stories. I get it's personal preference, that's what I'm asking. What's YOUR personal preference. What is THE number or feature or whatever that makes it a wall hanger to you. Thanks for the replies
  7. A buddy and I were discussing this recently. How big would you want a King Salmon to be from Lake O in order to get it mounted? 30 lbs, 35, 40+? This includes either replica or regular mount as obviously a lot of people like to practice catch and release. Thanks for the replies!
  8. Prob need at least 12's but Most likely 15's or pretty close on the weights
  9. What do you guys store your cannon balls in? I can't imagine it's economical to buy like 15 of those stupid ball holders and that would take up tons of space. Any suggestions?
  10. Anyone know any good mechanics that are reasonable around oneida lake? Preferably on the north side/ central square area as I am in bernhards bay. Sad to say I still need to get the boat summerized, get a bilge pump hooked up and get some electronics and things hooked up. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for chiming in. I'll try and get a couple pictures and post them soon. I will have the internet at home early next week. I'm in the process of moving and the boat is still at the old house....
  12. Does anyone know how I figure out what size bimini top I should get? I know, measure.. obviously but I mean roughly. I want something to keep me out of the sun and rain but still enough room to manuver around the back of my boat.
  13. Sounds like I'd almost be better off patching in like 100 yds of heavy duty mono between some braid and the leader. Not a big fan of the flea flicker stuff.
  14. So is 30 lb power pro ok for the fleas too if I were to go with that instead of the 50? 50 seems like overkill
  15. This is going to sound really stupid but do I have to run power pro as backing for everything? Can I use mono for some stuff on lake O? I mean I can buy one big spool of power pro but it's pricey considering I am in the process of buying a house. LOL. I can get it if I have to it just will take awhile, and I have a bunch of mono and stuff already. I have riggers, planer boards, some leadcore, and am getting some wire and copper possibly. Thanks guys. I have a bunch of magda 30 dx's and some diawa sealine 175's. probably will have to get a couple bigger lines for running copper and such off from dipseys. How much should I plan on putting of the main line on each? I looked and found a few threads but doesn't answer everything. Thanks again.
  16. Didn't really know where to put this in the forum. Apologies if in the wrong spot. I'm going to be moving out to Bernhards Bay, near Panther Lake probably the end of this month or next month and was wondering if anyone could suggest any good spots in the area? Yeah, I know "oneida lake", Panther lake doesn't have public access, but i'm talking like a good spot or two where If I don't feel like digging out the boat some lazy afternoon or if I feel like setting up a lantern and maybe building a fire at night I could go and throw a line in with some buddies and catch a fish and have some fun. Preferably where I don't have to beat off a million people with a stick just to throw a line in but beggars can't be choosers. I guess while we are at it where are some good public launches in the area? Thanks!
  17. I have a spool of 27lb leadcore, 10 colors. What do you recommend, if you could only spool up 2-3 rods... How many colors would you go with? Would you just put it all on one line, or go like 3 and 7, or some other combo? Just trying to see what people have the most luck with. I would probably be using the same ones for most of the year, Thanks!
  18. Pretty much what everyone else said. Suspending Jerkbaits if there isn't a lot of weeds, and the smaller stinger spoons for walleyes. Pike like anything fast and flashy it seems, with some red or orange in it.
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