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  1. where is a good place to buy Charlie brewer sliders?
  2. Any help with the severne launch and if it is open would be great thanks
  3. icelegend


    yeah the only one I will keep is a slob if I am entered in a derby.
  4. icelegend


    they all went back to live another day
  5. icelegend


    spent Saturday on braddock for 8 hrs and not 1 flag up. went to cranbo sun first thing 2 for 3. 1st pike ever outta cranbo. 1st was 22" and 2nd to my surprise was a 33 1/2", went to long pond set up for perch and got a 35" inch pike on a Niagara on tip down and no perch. weird day but a good day all in all!
  6. I am trying to put together a plan for Friday also. need a sitter though but it looks like it may happen. I will be with 1 other guy good luck slammin and silver!!!
  7. Yup [ Post made via Android ]
  8. Went out pf genny last night and started marking fish in river so we set up in river and trolled out to 70ft and had tostitos nothing and trolled back into river head. Saw some fish splashing around near the piers and went 1 for 3 in the last half an hr. Should stayed right there cause they r in now. 16.9 was our depth when we caught our 20house lb female. [ Post made via Android ]
  9. Heading out of the genny saturday morning and was hopeful of a report on colors and depth i should be fishing in. Thank you all and tight lines. [ Post made via Android ]
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