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  1. Sunrise II

    Oak Orchard pen fish

    Well sorry everyone for the confusion. The salmon are showing up Monday now, not Wednesday So we are thinking noon at lake breeze marina. Please come and help as we need plenty of hands for this event Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Sunrise II

    Oak Orchard Pen Project

    Okay so April 26 the Oak gets our salmon... don't have a time yet, but when i do i will post it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Sunrise II

    Oak Orchard Pen Project

    Got an e mail from Matt Sanderson, salmon delivery will be the week of the 17th, not sure what day but will share as soon as I find out so we can get some volunteers to aid in the process Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. Sunrise II

    Wilson pen rearing salmon 2017

    From the Oak Orchard pen group We will be putting together our pens on April 1st at 9 am. Ernst lake breeze marina
  5. Sunrise II

    Oak Orchard pens

    Fist off I would like to thank everyone that has helped putting pens together, launching, stocking, and feeding our future salmon and steelhead...there is one more simple task that needs to be done... The pens must be pulled, pressure washed, nets folded and put to rest until the 2017 season. This project NEEDS to take place either Monday the 16th or Tuesday the 17th. Gatlin has been more than accommodating, so let's step up and get this done. Whether you have put your time in or are waiting to help, now is the time this has to be done. Thank you in advance
  6. Sunrise II

    Oak Orchard pen fish...

    What a great turn out! Thank you to all that helped today... Without great people to help and volunteer this program couldn't happen. This shows people love Point Breeze, and care about the fisheries...
  7. Sunrise II

    Oak Orchard pens

    They will be stocking at the bridges at 12:30 On the 12th. Once finished there they will meet us at Ernst Lake Breeze marina to stock the penn fish. We will need help with the stocking and moving the 8 pens into place. We had a great tun out putting them together, but now the real work begins. Lets all step up and do our part. Thanks in advance II
  8. Sunrise II


    Church Tackle has generously donated several sets of the NEW TX44 boards to give as door prizes. These boards retail at about 44 bucks a piece, Make sure you are there when these are given out!