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  1. Seems the bill needs to be revised so this topic is more species defined and intent specific and/or a new bill so the tournament can't be a cash and grab for tournament directors .. Tournaments like the LOC and winter/summer Classics are built so the tournament director fills his pockets.. At most there should be a percentage given to the director of the tournament to cover their costs the rest to the anglers and/or charity
  2. How does every one feel about someone who holds fish on ice in the summer for an upcoming tournament .. Places weighted lead down the fishes mouth just before weigh in and in the winter holds fish in large coolers on aeration for upcoming tournament? And will say they were only testing to see how anglers could cheat.... And figures cause he hasn't been caught no one will suspect anything..
  3. Sold to Andy Bliss... Thank you! It was really nice meeting and talking with you!! Good luck this season!
  4. FRABILL I-FLOAT suit. Size XL (jacket and bibs $150 includes shipping to lower 48 states) Brand new still in factory box! On the ice or open water this amazing suit is waterproof and windproof so it'll will keep you warm and dry. This suit is also certified and recognized by the coast guard as a personal floatation device! This spring don't go out on the cold water without a personal floatation device on.. This suit is your ticket to being safe, warm and comfortable on and off the ice and water without wearing a bulky life jacket! This price of jacket and bibs including shipping won't last long! http://www.frabill.com/apparel/ice-fishing-apparel/i-float-jacket.html http://www.frabill.com/i-bib.html
  5. BRAND NEW Frabill I5 series ice suit. Warmest and most comfortable suit on the market! This suit has never been used and still in the factory box! Size XL Bibs and jacket $275 includes shipping to lower 48 states! Will not separate http://www.frabill.com/apparel/ice-fishing-apparel/i5-series-jacket.html http://www.frabill.com/apparel/ice-fishing-apparel/i5-series-bibs.html
  6. BRAND NEW! .. NEVER USED! In box! Humminbird Helix ICE7. This portable amazing unit has it all.. Sonar.. GPS.. Flasher.. will show you exactly what's going on below the ice or boat and will take you right back to where the fish are! Optional tranducer can be used to attach to boat. $295 shipped to lower 48 included https://www.humminbird.com/Products/ICE-HELIX-7-SONAR-GPS/
  7. Awesome! If only they could schedule it at dusk/dark so there would be less predation on the fish
  8. Have a guy looking to buy it on Monday.. If it doesn't work out I'll let you know.
  9. This was won in a tournament last year (2015) and don't have a use for it. $625 or best offer
  10. ($625/bo) Never opened.. still in the box.. Brand new Scotty 2116 HP Depthpower Electric Downrigger 60″ SS Telescoping Boom w/Swivel Base – Dual Rod Holder – 2116 Incudes: 36″ – 60″ long, 1 1/4″ dia. telescoping stainless steel boom Illuminated, resettable, sealed and silent digital line counter 300 ft. of 180 lb. Test, 316 stainless steel downrigger wire 1/2″ Kevlar drive belt by Optibelt TM – The same belts used by superior European auto manufacturers Clutch brake with the largest braking surface in the industry Dual Rocket Launcher Rod Holder Swivel Pedestal Mount
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