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  1. Joe, that is a good idea to test it with the additional weight. I am leaning towards the 8 HP. I may purchase a 4 blade prop for $75 with the money I save. I am thinking the 8hp with a 4 blade prop may be better that a 9.8 with a 3 blade for trolling etc. If you look at all the Merc Bigfoots, Pro Kickers etc. they are all 4 blade.
  2. Thanks Dewey that's good info. It may be worth paying the sales tax to have a mechanic do the initial startup and test. On the onlineoutboards website they claim for motors under 40HP it is not required for the manufacturer warranty because they are all tank tested at the factory. I still think its not a bad idea to purchase from a local dealer. Joe, I am in the Buffalo area but its good to know know there are options around here for service. How are you planning to mount it on your tracker? Do you have a small lip over the casting deck like my Targa V18? I dont feel like they left much lip for mounting a Kicker but I have seen photos where they mount to it.
  3. Lol, I guess if it lasts through what they use it for it will last for me. Next thing you know swamp people will have sponsors.
  4. Great feedback thanks guys. I have heard the same about the Mercs being the same motor under the skin.
  5. Does anyone have any experience good or bad with Nissan/Tohatsu outboards? I found some good prices on the web (www.onlineoutboards.com) . I am looking to put an 8 or 9.9 hp kicker on my 19' Tracker V18. I am concerned about quality and access to service in the Western NY area. Just wondering if anyone has any input. Thanks
  6. Do you use the same rods and reels used for ealy summer steelie/salmon trolling? I dont have a large selection because I just started. I am wondering if I need to respool or just tie in a long floro leader. Also is it safe being in this close or do you need to be watching for rocks etc. Thanks
  7. It appears finding the right water temp is critical. What types of devices are used to find the good water? I saw some sensors on the Cabelas website but they only seem to have 50' of cable which doesn't seem to be enough. Is this a necessary piece of equipment or a waste of money. I feel like I am just guessing depths and where to fish. Any advice on finding the right water would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. That makes sense. Thanks for the info. Is that diver rod somehow fixed to the rod holder? I saw the posts with the tethers but even those seem like they would still let the rod fall out.
  9. I went out for my first time last weekend and everything went well accept the dipsey rod was a major pain. It kept going behind the boat no matter what I tried. At first I thought I had lest and right confused but that didn't change anything after adjusting. I am wondering if the spin doctor/fly is causing too much drag or perhaps I was going too fast. How are others doing keeping the dipsey out to the side?
  10. I was considering trying the flea flicker line after learning very quickly what a pain they are. I was told that you can have issues with twisting due to the fact that the line is not round. Does anyone have any experience with that?
  11. Does anyone have any opinion on Gator releases? I see them for sale and they look descent but I have no experience with them or any others for that matter. I dont see them mentioned much on this site either. I notice the sell them in light, medium and heavy. Are tighter releases better or do people look for a lighter tension? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info. Yes, they are off of the sides but angled towards the back. The cable basically runs straight down the corner where the stern ends. I will take your advice and make a couple turns to see how it plays out. Thanks
  13. So I just mounted two downriggers for my first time out this weekend. The distance from the line to the prop is about 5 ft. I am mounting them on a 19' Tracker. Is that too close to the prop? I am concerned about getting the wire caught in the prop and causing damage. How tight of a turn can you generally make with riggers down? Or do you guys generally keep a straight line into the wind when trolling? Thanks
  14. Thanks, so is a shark the same as the fish shaped weights or are they something different?
  15. Thanks Tom. I was hoping to hear someone had some experience using 10# weight. I'm thinking of getting 10# Pancake weights in black.
  16. Cool thanks for the info, I agree I think a 14lb weight would be bad with the skinny boom and weak mounting plate. I am thinking I can push it to 10# or maybe even 12#. Thing is what do I lose? What negative effects happen If I drop a 10# to 80 or 90ft aside from blowback? Does this mean I am out for mid summer fishing but in for fall spring early summer?
  17. So I started collecting gear to get me fishing out of Olcott, Wilson etc. I was out that way today and after looking at some boats and stopping at Slippery Sinker I am starting to think I made some mistakes. The biggest one is I purchased a Cannon Easi troll electric and manual. After looking at other boats I think I am undersized. The primary concern is the ball weight. I noticed 12- 14lb is what is used in the summer. The rigrers are rated to 8lb. I was planning on pushing that to 10lb. What will happen if I try to get deep with a 10lb weight? I also purchased a few Okuma Magda Pro 30 reels and I feel thay may be small as well. Some of the reels these boats had were huge. Do you think I will have issues with this gear? Thanks
  18. Thanks for all the great info.
  19. So I am looking to get out the spring for some of the great action I keep hearing about. It my first year wih a new 19ft Tracker deep V with 150HP optimax. I am looking for the basic equipment I should be buying. So far I am looking at a couple Diawa Depthmasters and some 8' trolling rods. I have 10 or 12 dipsies andsome spoons. Should I get some flashers and flies as well? Also, any suggestions on what size reel or what pound test I should be running? I dont have downriggers yet but I hear you dont need them in the spring. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I realize with this setup I wont exacty be decked out, but I am looking to get out this spring and maybe get a few fish.
  20. So I amvery new to this and I noticed you mentioned in-line planer boards. Does this mean you dont need a mast and the are reeled in with the fish? If so I havent been able to find anything like that at cabelas or bass pro. I dont want to buy a mast but I am not sure what other options are available.
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