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  1. What do you consider a "big cat"? I take at least a dozen trips to Ohio a year to catfish. Your not gonna find any real sizable cat's in NY. If u wanna catch the channel cat's for eaters then you can find them here but as far as your big hog cat's you really need to get outa NY. I highly highly doubt there getting any Blues out the Genny what I'm guessing they are is big Channels as I see people get them confused alot especially when they get some size to em. I fish for catfish like most these guys do the Steelhead and Salmon and I'm telling you most thoes stink baits your listing is gonna get you the smaller fish. Most states that are gonna have the bigger catfish have totally different laws then NY does as far as your bait regs. Your top bait for catfish is always going to be Shad hands down you will get 10x more fish. NY will not allow you to use shad. The big stinky dead bait is not always true when it comes to catfish. A flathead cat will take a live fish over a dead stink bait 70% of the time and a blue cat is the total opposite preferring the dead baits. Look into laws before you use any of the baits I'm gonna list because most are definitely illegal to use here but you can use legal in other states. Top baits 1.) Shad (live or fresh cut so still bleeding) 2.) Bass yup 10-12 inch bass are outstanding if your in a state that legally lets you use em 3.) Bluegills and Crappie (there tons of different types of blue gills the ones you want they call "war mouths". 4.)Leaches big 1's you want these to add to your dead baits. When your live bait dies cut off its head first thread a leach on then the head the leach will add a slight movement to your bleading fish head and you will def. get more fish this way. 5.) Bullhead catfish smaller ones. Bullhead compete with the catfish in the wild and catfish will take em out if given a chance. I can go on and on and on just pm if you want info I won't steer u wrong...If your gonna get into cat fishing invest and learn how to throw a cast net it will be the best investment you ever make.
  2. Sounds like fun I'll offer to buy my buddy's boat in if he can get off work your allowing the first 30 paid to compete or is this like an invite only type of deal?
  3. No big old Blue or shovel head catfish? If you travel like you said I would def. recommend giving it a shot some night people always rip on things like the cat fishing for some reason but I swear theres nothing like hearing that bait clicker start screaming grabbing your rod and having a 40+ lb blue ripping down river so hard it damn near pulls ya overboard! Id say if u ever find yourself in Ohio bring your rods and give it a shot they got some great cat fishing out there!
  4. That's great man good for you Reading comprehensions not on your strong suit is it?
  5. First let me say Thank you for the donations as one of my good friends is the 1 who walks around handing these items out and says all the time how much he loves just seeing the look on the kids faces after giving them a brand new fishing rod. Last yr I believe he said he personally handed around 50 rods alone not counting all the other things handed out that a hell of a donation to the area ...Believe me I love/loved your shop if for nothing else then the location right down the road from my house. I'll never forget walking in and had a giant bucket of just damaged packaging lures for .25 cents a piece I bought the whole bucket just on the fact who can turn down 25 cent lures! I have special ordered from the books from your shop my son absolutely loves coming in and grabbing a basket and filling it with whatever the hell he can pick up and 90% of the time I just buy it cuz i don't know where to put it back. You know I don't or never wanted any special treatment that not my point. Its the fact that I feel you knew I wasn't just some 1 stop in customer and that I had an honest problem with some equipment I had purchased and since I was not able to do in store exchange on my rod I basically missed out on over half the season waiting for the other one to come in the mail. Yes I have other rods but not meant for the trout/steel head. The season is only so long and we all don't have the extra cash to just buy a rod to use when I'm waiting for the other rod I bought to come in the mail since it was defective I wish I could say I did. I addressed this when I was in the store and got no response. After seeing the posts about how great thing are down there I felt it was only right to share my experiences as well since it was not as pleasant. I understand you can't just give out items whenever something goes wrong. I feel that within the right amount of time frame you should be able to make some exceptions to this. Like I said before it cost me an extra few bucks whatever not a issue really the fact I spend my money on something I now can't really use now till basically next year is not right. I hope this will maybe open up some ideas on how u could possibly change that so in the future others will not run into this same problem because believe me it really sucks being on my end! My intents where to never try and gain anything from this rather then have you realize the bigger issue is with your policy itself and how it should be changed accordingly to your purchase.
  6. What about Nickle Creek they host the yearly children's fishing tournament showing the joys of fishing to kids who may otherwise never even get to try it let alone they donate a massive amount of equipment to these kids in hopes that when they leave they will still continue to fish! Does the fact they are not here donating there money to LO make them a less respectable shop? Personally Id rather see the money going to help show the kids in my area how to fish and the fun that comes with it just saying
  7. And I am sorry if you own a store and you choose to sell specific brand items you still should hold yourself somewhat accountable for the quality of these items and thats basically what this boiled down to they had no problem making the quick profit off me buying the things but they didn't wanna hear it when something they sold was defective it was easier to just blow off and brush under the rug! Again just because I am not a totally **** Best of luck to them in the future just hope this here will make em maybe review there policies and make some needed changes
  8. I understand I'll add in the fact that I had already once this yr bought an Okuma rod from them that I took out and broke on a Salmon of a life...Totally my fault never was expecting or asked for a refund on that item as I was the one responsible and HillsValley was more then helpful giving me the Okuma info to contact about the rod...my problem then was I hada wait for the new rod and it was prime season thats when/why I got the next 2 I talked about above. Idea is if I noob up and break 1 again I'll have the okuma for a spare when I get it back....Like I said it's the principle behind the matter that gets me. basically they threw the price of shipping a broken item there store was guilty of selling onto the consumer and thats just wrong corporate or not and if u look at the big picture...I spent what $60ish on the okuma rod then I go buy 2 ugly sticks fly rod and a spinning rod as well as a top martin fly reel just from those 2 simple purchases not counting the lures hooks bobbers ect. I have purchased from them I obviously enjoy fishing and don't mind paying for quality items that I know I am going to use. So now lets look at it that way well round up at say that's $400.00 on just a few items in 2 stops and there more then willing to loose a customer like that over $15.00 they would have made more then that just saying sorry and letting me take the other 1 off the shelf and buying the rest of the items I needed!...Again I mean no Disrespect just stating my experiences with there shop. Best of luck to them I just know I will not make the mistake of taking my hard earned money into there store again especially when here in Elmira they are NOT the only local shop we have! Again this is just my experience with there store maybe I cough em on a bad day whatever the situation was I know I am the one who spent money in there shop only to turn around and get screwed over!
  9. Used to believe in supporting them to the fullest especially since I live 3 blocks away. Unfortunately after spending a decent $250+ on a couple rods from them I took the one out for the first time and 2 eyes on the rod completely poped out of the one rod I purchased. Since it was less then 3 weeks old and it was my first time using it I figured I'd be able to exchange it with no problem. Especially since the situation and the way it broke no doubt in my mind it was a manufacturers mistake or something happened to it in the store eyes don't just pop on of new rods on the 1st fish you hook!!! Well I take it in there and since I took the plastic off the rod I lost my rights to exchange it?!?!?!?! WHAT who fishes with the plastic still covering there rod???? So now I have to pay like $15.00 for shipping to get a new rod....Some may say whats $15.00 and yeah I agree but the principle of the matter I bought an item from your store less then 30 days old still in possession of a dated receipt and now I have to pay extra money to get my originally purchase to work properly? Let me just add in the fact to that this happened about 2 months ago and I am STILL waiting for my new rod to be sent back to me so not only did I have to pay an extra couple bucks for my item but I have paid for it and owned it for over 2 months now not being able to use it!!!!!! So if and when you do have problems with an it em purchased from them don't say you where not warned. Honestly I mean no disrespect whatsoever I just feel if your going to come here and give all this positive feedback on a store that people should also know the down side of what goes on there as I have never been so disappointed with a store in all my life!!!!
  10. Well I don't really know if I should I name the stream with all the crap that flys in the Ontario Tribs section with people naming streams even tho there only so many off Seneca U prolly already know where I'm fishing ....Well I have fished this stream since I was young mostly in spring but didn't feel like driving north so I stayed local this weekend. Well I had a nice surprise when I got into the first brown of the day then after a few more I landed a LL. Then a little while later another LL I have NEVER caught a LL outta the streams and was just wondering if this time of year they run into the streams as well? It was def an awesome surprise since I wasn't really expecting to catch much of anything other then some time away from the house! Ill be back out to put the walk on the stream sometime this week I'll make a point to bring my camera so I can hopefully get a few pics this time!
  11. A buddy of mine recently got a old little rowboat and needs a pair of ores for it. We are looking for the kind that have the little metal pin to lock them in place. I'm sorry I don't know the correct term for em I think you should know what I'm talking about. Please just PM me if you have a set and how much your looking to get for them.
  12. It maybe helpful to know the areas I do fish as well I guess....basically i go to 3 spots SR. Salmon creek and Cathrine creek other then that I don't know much else and I know I'm really missing out on a lot here
  13. Hey just getting into the bigger trout fishing in the area my family's bigger on hunting then fishing except for me no place id rather be but the problem for me is when I was younger for my dad to take me out trout fishing wed go get the tiny NYS stocked guys outa the local stream...now I'm 26 and love to get into these nice bigger fish or any fish for that matter but I have very limited knowledge of locations and techniques...I've made due with what/where I know to go but just thought some1 may feel nice to put me onto a few nice streams or holes...I'm not asking for your honey hole here I got 2 feet I can get out and find my own holes and areas I just honestly don't even know the names of alot of these streams/creeks and would love any help anyone has to offer it would not go unappreciated I can promise you that!....Also I know the deal I have 1 solid fishing partner and thats really it so do not be worried about me bringing the troops most of the time I just go solo anyways also I'd say I put 99/100 fish back so don't worry about me taking home your fish!!!...Again thanks for any help anyone has to offer just PM me anything ya got!!!
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