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  1. I have a 261v hardtop with 5.0l v8 and have trim tabs and love it and need it
  2. You can flush it of with a shopvac or blow it out with compress air. done it many time on car engine
  3. or maybe your outdrive shaft is jam in the engine coupling spline ,when your triming it pull the coupling?
  4. It s not rocket science it s still a old small block chevy ....
  5. I have put solid arborite it s a bit heavy but it will nerver rot , you can see it in the pic with the old transum on top,and painted it with aluminium paint it look clean and brigting up the dark place and you can see a fluid leak better. I am a car tech so i am thinking a head. you know the tricks maintenance. (you can pay me a little now or a lot later ) . Al let me know if you want more pics i got plenty
  6. I woud use aluminium tread plate,will never rot
  7. just add 3M 5200 in the hole and a bit on the rivets. It work fine,i did it on my islander.
  8. you will have to remove everything in the back
  9. usully a ignition problem the engine cut s out or (sputter)your s is dying off slowly? it must be fuel related.I woud put a see thrue in line gas filter near the carb if possible,that way you will be able to see if it s fuel starvation. Al
  10. If you can try to find a 26 foot bigger is better. I have a 26 hardtop and i love it. Al
  11. Hi, i am looking for swivel base and plate.how much are you asking. Al
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