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  1. I was out Sunday with my wife and son. We were almost to Webster Park in 10' and bang the kid hooks up with a screamer. It took a chartreuse J-11. The fish headed North at high speed. The leader snapped when the spool knot hit. So another J-11 done. I guess I need some bigger spools. Whats another $200 right?
  2. We were out Saturday and did OK. We trolled in close 10' or less from I Bay to Hedges. We caught fish just off Webster Park and a bit east of the park. I lost an orange J11 on a fish that was just peeling the drag off and there was no stopping it with 15lb test. You could really feel how strong that one was. I lost another J11 on a long line. The pole took a wack and then nothing another J11 lost. We caught a very large laker (12lbs) using a NK black and purple and browns using the J11's and an assortment of sticks. There fish all seemed to be in that area surrounding the park. All the boats jammed in one area with planner boards out. Some of you guys run the boards way the freak out. When I am crowded I pull the boards in and shorten up. We focused on staying shallow and short and did really well in the crowd.
  3. The boat is ready just waiting on a good day. Been working long hours but the weekend weather is looking up. About the Walleye, my son and I have been catching nice ones in the Bay through the ice for the last couple of years. Luckily the local perch jerkers have not caught on. We caught many drifting in the bay early in the season. There are some big ones there. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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