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  1. one from last night. typical fat and strong and mean
  2. If you want to catch some, message me and I will tell you exactly where to put your boat
  3. I don't know where they come from as this is the only time and way I catch them in I-bay. One thing I noticed, there is an enormous amount if spawning activity (I think that's what is) in the evening from spring right into July. It starts with shad. Then something else for a month or so. You can see the splashing that goes on all night along the shore line during this time. Once it stops, I start catching walleye. Whether they are always there but too full to eat my lures, I do not know. I do know that I never catch any until the activity stops, which is usually early to mid July. Also, I have caught walleye in the lake while trolling for spring brown trout. Perhaps they are lake o walleye that come into the bay during the summer
  4. I started catching them last Monday night 7/29 Irondequoit Bay. A few weeks later than usual, in my experience. They are in very close to shore in 5 feet or less. They start biting around 9pm. I got 5 Monday night in about 30 minutes and they are usually quite large. Medium size orange x-raps work best in my opinion. They swim not too deep not too shallow. I tried again Friday night and got 1 first cast at 9pm and had to quit. In my experience for the last 4 years, they are in shallow for about a month consistently and then disappear until the next July. Not sure why
  5. I live in I bay. The most common fish I see floating dead in the bay are walleye. Even more than dead carp. Another thing I do with crank baits is remove the front set of hooks [ Post made via iPhone ]
  6. i dont keep any fish so all go back in i have found that walleye are fairly fragile and the longer you struggle to unhook them, the more damage you do with hooks and lack of oxygen. several years ago i switched to only using barbless hooks and it has helped quite a bit, with pike as well
  7. Got my first walleye of the year tonight. 11pm in 4 ft of water. So I guess they are there but not very aggressive and in few numbers. Maybe more will start coming in to the shallows if it stays cloudy during the day. Got it on an old jointed crank bait, orange as usual [ Post made via iPhone ]
  8. Don't have a boat so I'm stuck fishing off our dock. But yea, I figured they are there, just deeper in cooler water. Next year I'm getting a fishing kayak! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  9. My stick bait in the shallows after dark strategy has not worked for me this year. Usually I get a walleye on the first cast every night. So far, nothing. But I'll Keep trying [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. i live on the bay and fish it all the time. im having zero luck this year. no bass. no pike. no walleye. in prior years, i would catch several of each, every night off the dock water too hot? too low? both not getting even a nibble
  11. nice. hope to get out this weekend can you say if you were in 15ft of water or less? Thanks
  12. saw alot of fish jumping all around genny pier yesterday afternoon and night, inside channel and on lake side. tried casting off summerville pier and had 5 hits inside channel, but nothing hooked more than a few seconds. gonna try flat lines off boat all around genny tomorrow working 5' to 15' down, offering something for salmon and something for trout and see what happens. fish are always there when i am there, but i cant make em bite lately no matter what time of day or conditions. im thinking some calm water and sun will help attract fish to my lures this weekend. muddy water like its been last week makes it more like finding needle in a hay stack. im thinking tomorrow should be good
  13. I use single hooks on my spoons at Webster park. Can bounce off bottom easier. Egg sacs work good there too [ Post made via iPhone ]
  14. i have been everywhere between 5 and 9 in the morning or 6 and 11 at night. no luck on boat or pier catching salmon. trout i seem to do ok was webster park full of weeds? that was the problem last year if the water was rough....leaves and weeds wind forecast looks bad for fishing piers this weekend
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