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  1. These two Cannon downriggers are complete with the mounting bases and wire cable and are in excellent condition. They both have the optional double rod holders which run $80 each when new. Included in this package are four Daiwa Regal Strike SK786 rods which are 8-1/2 feet medium action trolling rods, two Daiwa Sealine S175H reels, three Daiwa Sealine 47SH reels, three Cannon downrigger balls and two Riviera torpedo weights. If you figure $300 each for the downriggers/rod holders, $100 each for rod/reel combos, $40 each for the downrigger weights, you're looking at $1200. You can buy this package for a LOT less with no tax and no shipping charges. I would prefer not to split this package up but if you have interest in only some of the pieces feel free to make an offer. 315-382-6200 call or text
  2. Bassin Bob, you're not alone, as some of the other posters pointed out. I am a casual salmon/trout fisherman, have a couple Canon downriggers on my boat and a couple tackle boxes full of flashers/flies, spoons etc. that I inherited, picked up at garage sales, or bought on sale at Gander Mountain. I know how to get my lures in the water, run at different depths, speeds, etc, but I also suck at catching fish. Last weekend we camped at Wescott Beach State park and I took two buddies out about 10 miles to 150 FOW where the fish were supposed to be. Trolled about 4 hours and got zippo. Went to the dock in Henderson Harbor to refuel and there was a charter boat there unloading their haul of 8 lakers and 4 salmon that they caught. I asked the captain where they were, how deep, what they were using, how fast were they trolling, and all that stuff, and I was doing everything he was except catching fish! My friend and neighbor Captain Chris Yard runs Irish Knots Sportfishing and I think I am just gonna give him the money and go out with him; he has been having an incredible year. Anyway, good luck and good fishing!
  3. Wescott Beach State Park fishing opportunities? We are going to be taking our camper and boat to Wescott Beach beginning Thursday this week. Wondering if I should bring my downriggers and salmon lures or plan on trying for perch and smallmouth around Henderson or maybe Chaumount Bay. The only salmon fishing I've done has been out of Oswego so I don't know the area further North, at least as far as salmon/trout goes. My boat is a 22' I/O with GPS, I have all the charts, and I don't mind running a ways to get to the fish but don't want to spend a couple days in 400 FOW if I would be better off staying closer to the campground and catching panfish. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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