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  1. I can see the difference now. I guess I'll have to keep trying to find an Atlantic. Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. Looks like I got two browns then! I'll have to wait for the Atlantic until another time. I didn't realize browns could get so light in color.
  3. Bright orange firetiger and bright green frog color.
  4. My boat is a 1970's era red and white trihull. Here is a pic of the Atlantic (I believe it is an Atlantic, but it is the first one I have ever caught).
  5. We got out Sat afternoon as well. It was a little too cold out on the main lake for my company so we took a troll around I-Bay. Thundersticks on boards were taking fish over 70ft. Ended up with one nice Atlantic ~10 lbs, a Brown ~8lbs and lost one big one (not sure what it was) near the boat when it jumped and broke the line. All in all was a nice afternoon. I was surprised to see fish in the bay itself as I have never fished there before.
  6. Got out on Tuesday after the weather pushed out. Didn't get fishing until ~6pm, straight out of Ibay. There was ~60 deg surface temps over 30-40 FOW, fish on the graph but no takers. Headed out deeper, temps dropped to 48 deg but then settled out at 53 deg over 150. Went 3 for 4, all kings. Rigger at 60 ft, 165 dipsy spoon, 110 dipsy spoon. Fish were in 150-170 FOW over an empty graph. Biggest maybe 25lbs. Thank you to everyone on this site. I grew up walleye fishing so salmon fishing is new to me.
  7. thank you for the suggestions! I'll check out the hatchery. Do you think the Finger Lakes might be better than Lake O around then?
  8. I have some family coming into town (Rochester) the last weekend in October and I would love to show them the fishery we have here. Any advice for me on where to go and what to fish for? Anything in the color silver that we can get quantity would be great! My feeling is that its getting a little late for the kings and its too early for the steelhead so I'm confused. Also, any thoughts on if it would be best around here, either the Genny or go out in the lake fishing for staging steelies? Or should I take them up to the Salmon river for some drift boat fishing or to the Niagra to fish the river? Thank you for the help!
  9. Was out too same place. One 6 lbs coho on 10 color leadcore with stick bait over 140 fow. Only rod to move last night. Lots of bait on the graph though.
  10. Not sure what this lake is like but I used to used mostly Minnesota and Canadian Shield lakes growing up for walleye. This time of year the best fishing should be be on steep dropoffs and rock humps in the main lake. If you have some braid on your rigs you can just tie on 10 feet or so of 10lb flouro or mono and buy a few 3/8 and 1/2 oz jigs. Slow drift or anchor and jig live bait in 20-35 FOW right on the bottom around places where it quickly drops off into the depths. Walleye will be suspended over the main lake if it has cisco or other baitfish and move into the humps to feed. You can troll for these suspended walleye over the main lake morning and evening but like others said, deep divers off boards will probably outproduce dipsy. Along the deep weed edge you should be able to troll and pick up both walleye and pike with any diving crankbait that is 4-6 inch long, I also used to do best with perch color too.
  11. Got out for about an hour and a half tonight. Surface temps were 74 deg F all the way out and fished 70-90 FOW and lots of bait on the graph. Went 2/3, both browns but no big ones and both were on the 65 rigger with green NK, the one with the white fishbone in the middle (not sure of the actual name). Did manage to hit bottom with my new wire dipsy in 85FOW which was cool to find out.
  12. Has anyone been out of Ibay or the Genny since the wind blew who has downtemp? I would like to get out tonight or in the AM if it stays calm but my boat is small so I can't really get much deeper than 120'. From the sound of it, there has been near 80 deg water all the way to the bottom off the south shore. I run one rigger, one wire dipsy and one 10 color leadcore so I can get some down deep enough if their in close. Thanks!
  13. Still fairly new at this type of fishing, sorry I haven't posted more but I'm still fairly green the "O". 1 king tonight in 85FOW straight out from the bay 55 feet down with a green NK on the rigger, about 12 pounds. It was the only shot tonight. Thank you to everyone who posts on this site. I owe ya for every one I've caught!
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