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  1. I think somebody else got a king iike yours within the last 4-5 years. I am pretty certain I saw one on this site before. Of course my memory isn’t what it once was but maybe somebody else will remember it too. Regardless, real nice pics and awesome u put it back for someone else to potentially get the same thrill.
  2. Was out there this weekend and the fishing was tougher than in past years, but it still produced fish. J-plugs will do the trick, sometimes. A few guys in my group and some others on the radio were getting fish with them. Usually run a silver with a red nose (aka bloody nose) or a green ladder back. If you are running dipseys, you want to run them 40-60 feet down. 60 seemed to be the magic number this past weekend and that will change as the water cools and they move closer. We were fishing 60-80FOW. Spoons were not producing, Flasher and fly combo's off the riggers were best with white pro-troll flasher (11 inch) with a green fly. You would do well to have this in your spread this year. There's an old saying they will hit on any color, as long as it's green!!!! I will tell you the greatest number of fish caught, based on my experience and what I hear, is on green flies. White would run second. We run the flasher fly combos 25-50 feet behind the ball. J-plugs sometimes further. 2.0-2.5mph were the magic numbers. Your boat will be fine as long as you watch the weather. You don't have to go out very far this time of the year but I can tell you, it was a washing machine on Saturday and most guys were coming off the lake early-mid-morning as it can get ROUGH. The afternoon wasn't fishable. Oh, and there are a lot of naysayers saying their aren't any fish. The numbers may not be what they were, but if you go with the attitude that you are going to catch fish, you will do much better than the guys who go out without any confidence in what they are doing. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't. Either way you are right. Good luck. Have fun!!!!!
  3. Third rigger it is !!! Thanks for the input. All good stuff. Time to drill!
  4. Thanks for all the input. Going to really consider all the options before i drill anymore holes.
  5. Sabonation ur pic helped. I was envisioning my dipsey rod going over the top of the rigger rod and causing problems when the rigger fires. Guess i just need to run the dipsey rod a little flatter
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. My boat is a starcraft islander and not superwide. If i mount on the side gunnels the will get in way of dipsey rods unless i shove them forward. Now thinking sell third rigger n buy copper rod n run down the shoot.
  7. I am considering mounting a third rigger on my boat and was considering running straight back in the exact middle of the boat. I really cant mount on the side gunnels and didnt want to offset it on the back. The question is does anyone run them right in the propwash and if so do you get much blow back? The boom is long enough that i can clear the outdrive.
  8. Thanks for sharing the report. Some guys won't leak out a peep or share any of their tactics which I think is a joke....well maybe I might make and exception to this when there is a derby going on. Otherwise, why not share the experience and success with others. I don't see the lake getting fished out anytime soon so a few more boats won't hurt. But again, thanks for the report. My buddies are now bugging me to make a trip out before out normal trips so we'll be spending some money with the locals a bit earlier this year. Striperking
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