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  1. Flat rock site is the one on rt 3 just past rt 58 and before star lake. There is another up in newton falls,it has a car top launch there. Yes that's the oswegatchie
  2. The reservoirs from Fine up through newton falls have lots of eyes. Not big, but have had some good days. 10-15 a day before noon for an hour drive is not bad for me. Slip bobbers and Lindy rigging is a nice change from trolling every now and then too
  3. Count Pete rajner in. Trolling is easier for me with the boys. Just need a date so I can make reservations agian. Had a great time last year
  4. Had a great time and got to meet some great folks. Thanks justin for putting on the event my wife and boys had a great time. I'll be watching for your post for next year to make reservations agian. I love having Mondays off, I'm on red lake now and have seen 2 bald eagles,2 deer and I just watched a plane bringing some troops home fly over. And the 23 incher I just box isn't bad either. Good fishing and take care.
  5. I ran glass white rapala minnows and silver. In deep husky jerk 12 today and got 2 eyes that were 27 and 27-1/2 inches. Lost one at the boat that was pushing 10 pounds. Had to duck when the lure flew by my face. Got 5 pike between 5-7 pounds and one smallmouth about 4 pounds. Ended the day when I had to clear all lines for the monster. Musky not. 15# sheepshead. Post pics soon
  6. I am 100% in,cabin is rented and my two boys are ready to fish.
  7. rented a cabin this afternoon.bringing the wife and boys down from theresa for the weekend,sounds like this is to good a time to miss out on.
  8. was just reading both manuals.i can change the lowrance from 200 to 50 khz,but the eagle is 200 only.i will give it a try next week when the boat comes out of hibernation
  9. have a lowrance on the boat now.if i put my old eagle on the other side will they screw each other up. thanks
  10. some of the fish my boys got this year.Not done yet,only put 412 hours on the boat so far with 118 eyes and a mess of other fish. most of the eyes came from the lakes around Theresa were we live
  11. the pike came on a tdd 11 clown with 100 ft of fireline and a 2oz snap weight 10ft behind the board.the white fish was on a trolls to 20 green with 100 ft out behind the board,and the laker was on a tdd 9 green with 100 ft out then a 6oz snap weight down 30ft off the back of the boat.when we left sackets harbor we fished straight out to piller point then out to the lake.pike, white fish and perch were caught in 45 to 52 ft the laker was in 60 ft.marked alot of bait or perch in 50fow not sure what it was, but heard they have been pounding the perch by cherry island.
  12. took my boys out on black river bay wednesday,wanted walleye but anything would be good.my youngest boy got his best pike and laker,the pike was 13.3#and 38 inches, the laker was 12#.got a whitefish and 1 perch also.
  13. Took my boy up to get some eyes in the ADK park and he got a nice bonus pike 10.6 pounds and 37.5 inches.I thought he was snagged,but then the drag started screaming after 5 minutes or so he got it to the boat and it just fit in the net.It must have been his day as he got the only legal eye that day too.
  14. have been taking my oldest son out five of the past six mornings,i think he has the walleye bug, as it looks easier for him to get up at 4:30 than me.the bait the fish are puking up in the well is about an inch long now.it should start to get realy good on the small lakes around here now.
  15. have caught some in hyde on bottom bouncers and worms,but we do better in the winter fishing the edges of the weeds
  16. there are eyes in moon,but these were caught close by
  17. thanks kevin,ben the best fishin in july on this little lake in 5 years.hope it keeps up,there's nothing like watching the kids get as fired up to catch eyes as i do.most days we are done by 9am.Did'nt get out today till 11 still got 2 and lost one, done fishing at 1.
  18. some of the eyes my kids , neice, and I caught the last two weekends
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