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  1. A little late but some pics from the get together with my wife, Saturday and Sunday morning. Limited out at about 8:30 each morning. My buddy and I took my son and his daughter down the following week (after the get together) and got three eyes and a tiger.
  2. Fished butterfield today. Lots of bait in lake. Got one eye and one pike. Lots of bass too. All we did was troll in the main lake for suspended fish
  3. Got out today at 5 in the fog. Just like Saturday no eyes till 10:00. Boat next to us got one and a minute later we got an 8# saw a couple more nets move then all quiet. Water was still 53-55 on my finder.
  4. We got 2 and a buddy of mine had 3. Saw some nets moving in other boats so they are there. Got ours in 20 ft on husky jerks
  5. Picked up a 9.8 Saturday. Took it out today for a little break in time. Stopped to talk to a friend that was trapping in the river and when we took off I started it and if not for the water pumping out could not hardly hear it running. Nice since I'm just using it to troll with a 14 ft boat.
  6. Look into red lake in theresa. Has some camps to rent and connects to Indian river. My home lake. River is loaded with pike and lake has all kinds of fish to keep them busy. Only 20 min the st. Lawrence.
  7. I'll be fishing for sure. Can't decide between trying flats fishing or going deep agian. Last time in the early 90s I went deep but the charter boat started sinking. Got a free ride on a coast guard boat. That boat would realy fly on the water. Not sure how to get fish home, so maybe some tarpon or shark or sailfish. Maybe just do all of it. Don't have to pick one that way
  8. 16 incher is going on wall. Want to get out a couple more times and get two more like it. Have to see about spring trip. Have two weddings and 8 days in the keys already
  9. All is well. Have a happy holidays. Ready to make reservations for get together when you pick date
  10. Took my two boys and my two brother in laws down today. Got 60 in 3 hours. Biggest today was 16 inches
  11. Back out this morning with a couple guys from here in theresa. Got 67 in 3-1/2 hours. Fish were in 20-30 fow.
  12. This year was slow. But I get 50 or so fishing mostly may, June, and first half of July every year. Biggest this year was 8lb
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