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  1. That's a nice fatty Nick and Theresa. Surprised he didn't tear all your gear up haulin him in. Lake looks pretty calm out there.
  2. That sucks. What dirtbags. We all work hard to gather our tackle. Hope you catch them.
  3. Good job!! You look a little cold though. The lampreys look bad this year, quite a few of the pics on the site showed marks. I hope that doesn't hurt the fishery. I'm dying to get up to OZ. Got this four lettered problem though.
  4. Evening trolling with j plugs at the mouth producing. Otherwise, get out the bow.
  5. Thanks guys, startin to feel a little better now. Thought it might be finished. I don't really like the river gig. TJ
  6. Thinking of heading up to Mexico next sat,sun,mon. Are we wasting our time and gas? It's a five hr drive so any advise appreciated. TJ
  7. Thanks all for the update! I'll be out in my lit tle bitty 18ft sylvan channel 68.
  8. Headed up this wkend. Heard the fish are in 200 down 90. Are they east or west of the chute? Any info allways appreciated. It's a 5 hr drive for a quick 1.5 days of fishing but worth every minute on the water.
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