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  1. As close as new as you can get..... 6 hours of run time. Turbo T lock 14 3/4 x 15 - pitch Mercruiser Aloha One Generation 2 275 OBO
  2. What the beam size of the boat you have the radar arch on?
  3. I have a 1998 pursuit denali 2460 with a 300HP Volvo Penta dual prop. Full canvas which is new Sits on a 2014 magic tilt aluminum 9000 pound capacity trailer.......
  4. I have a new in the box 600lc if that interests you
  5. I'm interested and so is my friend. I have a 24' pursuit and he has a Grady white 26'. Lmk Eric
  6. Shoot me a pm. I do my own boat and my friends. Not too hard at all
  7. Well it's human nature to want to buy cheap. Get the best bang for the buck. I get it! But if it were their boat than its worth more. I'm selling this boat for my dad. He's not price gouging with his asking price. That's for **** sure. Model 2001's are tough to come by. How many on the forum have actually seen or been on an islander 2001? Over the years my dad and I have owned together and or independently a starcraft chieftain, islanders 191 and 221, creatliner sabre, sylvan offshore as well at a trophy 2159, 2 - 2052's, a 1952, striper, 2101DC, a campion 622ISD, and finally my pursuit Denali 2460. I know boats. I've grown up on them and around them. He's not desperate for the money. He's 70. He's not playing Santa Clause, it's not Christmas in July, and he's not giving it away. It's very simple actually once someone offers him what he feels is a fair price it's gone. 8k is not that price. Once someone sees the boat they will know why he's asking what he's asking. I understand its not fully rigged but if it were rigged out and I put a four stroke on it guess what the price goes up. Is a higher price than more acceptable? It's not a new boat but it's ready to fish and solid and its mechanically sound. Those expecting a new boat feel free to cough up 60-70k for a new Lund or 60k for a new striper in the 20 foot boat class. Both unrigged btw This is the part of selling things I despise.............. It is what it is
  8. Yes it had a kicker bracket on it. I removed the bracket a month ago. Yes I used it for fishing. Is that illegal? Holes can be easily filled with bolts and 5200. I left it as is in case next owner would/may want to mount a bracket. I left the EZ steer on the alpha out drive too for the same reason Tell me how to mount a bracket without drilling holes in a boat? And I assume I should scrap the boat or sell it for $500.00 because it has holes in it right? Btw- no holes drilled in the gunnels at all. Hilarious..... I sold my 2005 trophy 1952 last year to a member here on LOU. I don't hide things and describe things how they are. He's estatic with the boat I sold him.
  9. I appreciate everyone's opinions.......This boat will make someone very happy indeed. I feel it's priced fairly. I'm not asking an exuberant amount for it. I'm not firm on 10k. It's a 98 and clean. Whoever buys it will have a solid platform to rig. It needs NO - upholstery, floor, transom,canvas work etc. Just rig it and roll.
  10. Boat has power steering as well and the hook up for the EZ steer on the outdrive
  11. Link to Starcraft Catalog showing all feature and specs of the boat. It's only 50 Pounds lighter than the 221 http://www.starcraftmarine.com/sites/default/files/brochures/1999-Starcraft-Catalog.pdf Again. I feel selling for close to 10k is a fair price for this boat. I know whats out there in WNY and CNY for sale and what is being asked of late model rigs. The Bimini Top and side curtains are excellent, vinyl seats are excellent, bolsters are new, engine cover is new,floor is solid, cabin and cushions are spotless New. Comes with a mounted hand held gps and an older lowrance fish finder. Motor runs like a sewing machine and the 4.3 pushes her very well and is economical. Plus it has trim tabs which improve the ride substantially. Rig it and hit the water.
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