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  1. Nice Report. We where out there right close to you and I agree 100% with - strong currents, bait / marks and garbage dump, was not easy keeping things straight and clean of garbage. I will say no biting flies which was a bonus. We landed two smaller Kings #8 and #4. We did see a couple fleas starting to show up too. Way to go on the #17 king, and first one, that's the way to start the addiction.

  2. I noticed that since you ran out in front of me one day, I'm right next to you at Bay View marina. Thanks for the tip - gonna try some casting tonight, maybe tomorrow I will get back out on the lake....darn work always gets in my way. Well days are numbered this year but next year we will have to connect and fish off each others boats. Yep the orange is noticeable, kinda like my light blue - but we land kings!

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