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  1. Hi jlogger. I was going through the posts and came across this one. I understand that you have a 24 ft Thompson that has a kicker. Can I ask how do you steer the boat when the main is off and the kicker running? What type of steering do.you have?



    1. jlogger


      Scooter, I have a steering linkage between the main and the kicker so i just steer with the wheel. The name of it is escaping me right now but they are fairly common. It is just two brackets, one one the main and one on the kicker with an adjustable rod between them. I honestly am thinking about upgrading to an auto pilot or remote unit on just the kicker. I can't fish alone with the way it is and even two people can be tough with any sort of chop when it comes time to net the fish or clear other gear

    2. jlogger
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