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  1. Went today for the last trip of the year.......and what a good year it has been
  2. Thanks everyone , it was a pretty sweet couple of days and a nice way to end the season if I don't make it back this year. Joe - would love to but 2 days of strait casting sun up till sun down is about all I can handle Adam - Temps were 45-46 on the north end never went to the south
  3. Went back to Chautauqua for black friday and bagged another good fish.
  4. Went fishing for Thanksgiving started out pretty slow with just a few lazy follows and then nothing , until right before sundown when in comes another follow. After several figure 8's with no response I made the next 8 with the rod submerged to the reel and then back to normal depth again. As soon as the bait came to the surface she slashed at it and missed , by the time she got turned around the bait was coming right at her and she CRUSHED it.
  5. Now that is a smart lady right there , you better hang on to this one Mike! Maybe she could give you some pointers on netting fish.
  6. Was out yesterday and had the same type of window right before the rain 5 of 7 with the biggest being 39". Last Tuesday the day befor the full moon and a front coming in , between 7:15am - 11:00 am went 7 of 11 with the largest three were 50.5,49.5 and 46.
  7. Just got back from Chautauqua Lake (love that place) picked up 2 today one nice one on a perch Prowler. Casting jerk baits get me 2-3 fish per day , this year with the water temps still in the mid 70's the big fish are still shallow. Just get yourself on the edge of the weeds and cast away and you will find fish.
  8. Got this one Friday evening casting a Walleye Prowler fishing solo , man what a handfull.
  9. Hey Capt. Larry are you looking for donations for a raffle table? I would like to donate a couple 9" Prowlers in a new color I have been playing with and having great success.
  10. Got out on 5-17-2012 was able to put 5 in the bag and one slob , all on the Perch Prowler. Man what a year so far!!!!!!!!!
  11. Good luck Chad (and Mike) , hope the MUSKY GODS smile on you. That would be pretty cool to see your smiling face with a trophy in your hand! Kick some TAIL! Dan
  12. 2012 the year of the MUSKY !!!!! This season is off to a rip-roamin' start just hope it keeps going. My buddy Ed was the man of the day with his personal best of 46". Way to go EDDY!!!! .Ed caught both of his fish on a 8" Strait Shooter in you guessed it Pearl White and I got mine on the Prowler 9.
  13. Just let me know what you want Chad and I will hook it up , painting Pearl's today but having a hard time keeping them around for long. The 7.5" is ready for production but don't have the time to make them with the 9"er orders. As far as down sizing goes for spring time I strongly disagree or i should say the fish do! . I used to struggle in Ohio with the spring time fishing , mainly because I was going by the book and down sizing and going shallow this year I decided to do it my way(9" baits and bigger) and no more struggle. Give me a call when you get a chance so we can talk about that or get you down here for a little warn up for Cave Run.
  14. April 7 , 2012 Hey Chad don't forget you Pearl White 9" for Cave Run!!!!!!!!!!
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