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  1. I can do $220 for both. Let me know if you'd like to come by and pick them up. Thanks. Matt
  2. Sorry JimiHendrix1970, I don't want to ship these. I don't feel like going through the trouble only to have you decide the shipping cost is a deal breaker. I have these listed for local pick up.
  3. Two Unitroll 6 downriggers $20 for both. No bases. They are old, but they are functional. Pick up in Lancaster, NY
  4. 25 stingers, 10 stingrays, 4 cleos. $125 pick up in Lancaster NY. Buyer pays for shipping.
  5. 41 Atommik and 2 Big Weenie flies in tubes and box. Maybe 12 or so have been rigged, only 4 or 6 have been taken by fish. $200 pick up in Lancaster NY. Will ship if buyer pays shipping.
  6. $50 each pick up in Lancaster, NY. Will ship if buyer pays shipping cost.
  7. Yes, I have the thumb screws, but do not have the bottom half of the removable base which is why I noted them for permanent mounting.
  8. 2 rod holders with base for permanent mounting. $100 each pick up in Lancaster, NY. Will ship if buyer pays shipping cost. Pics show 4, but two were sold. This listing is for 2 rod holders at $100 each.
  9. bhotz85, I had the same issue with Blacks...very frustrating. I switched to Chamberlain's and they work great. I keep the upper adjustment pretty tight so I can crank down on the rod. I do get a few small shakers on the sliders every once in a while. I keep the bottom adjustment light and never had a problem with a release on the smallest of trout. I would recommend Chamberlains.
  10. I am looking to buy a couple reels to load with mono (probably 12#) for use with inline planer boards. I know everyone have their favorite reels. I am considering Okuma Convectors because I've had good luck with Okuma in the past. I troll the finger lakes, but want capacity for Ontario. How much capacity should I look for in a reel for this use? Also wanted to mount them on a 2 piece Medium action 8' big water Shakespeare Ugly Stick BWS110080. Will that rod have enough backbone to pull the inlines?
  11. Thinking about making the drive out to Seneca tomorrow. I see some comments on other posts about trolling the south end around Watkins Glen. The Glen is quite a drive for me. I typically launch out of Sampson due to convenience. Do you think I could have some luck trolling that area of the lake or would my time be better spent heading to the Glen? Or is there a better location to launch during the winter? I've never fished the lake this late in the year. Are the fish mostly staged near Catharine Creek during the winter months? Thanks.
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