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  1. I use the whitetail institute clover. I do a soil sample test every spring. It's comes in great nice and thick. The deer hit it all year long.
  2. Free to good home. I don't have a use for them anymore. Txt at Hilton NY
  3. 12 Planer board releases 2 Roemer downrigger releases 1 Twili tip 1 Dipsy diver rod 4 Cabela's plastic tackle boxes One bag of number for split rings 5062343
  4. 1 HT Enterprises big game tip up 2 Frabill Arctic Ice tip up $20 5062343 jeremy
  5. I use flatlander-farms.com very happy with the cut. NO fat or silver skin. vacuum sealed and deboned. $75. They also has a partent that makes all the sausage and jerky with a fast turn around. 7210335 Kent ny . 15 min west of hamlin.
  6. Looking for a bird barrel for a 1100 with rem choke.
  7. Came off a Tundra. Will also fit Chevy,Ford,and Dodge. $125 Txt 5062343 Rochester area
  8. Cleaning out my fishing gear. Lot of equipment that I don't need anymore. For Cannon downriggers 2 adjustable with Auto Stop. Cannon down and speed temperature. A 170 Humminbird Fishfinder. A hummingbird 581 e Fishfinder GPS combo. Extra transducers it will fit either unit. Trolling rods and reels 1 Dipsy rod with twilly tip and wire. 1 net. Multiple Plano tackle boxes snap swivels stick baits and spoons. A set of planer boards into torpedo downrigger weights. A bunch of miscellaneous dock ropes different lengths and sizes. Make me an offer. 585 5062343. Hilton ny
  9. Thanks for the info. I saw the cudde at dicks for $75. Your right about the bushnell. That all I have been running.
  10. When you put it in the oven do you leave it in the brine or cook it out of the brine?
  11. Does anyone use thus camera? Any problems with it? How do you like it?
  12. JRS


    Where are you located? What is the blood line? 13 or 15
  13. JRS


    Does anyone know of anyone with beagle puppies for sale?
  14. I have 2 cannon manual downriggers and 2 low profile swivel bases. $200
  15. Had thus scope on my gun for a one week elk hunt at took it off. I wanted a smaller scope for deer. It is a great scope. $400
  16. I have a dipsy rod and 2 manual cannon riggers with swivel bases
  17. Selling my scope. It was used for a week on a elk hunt and then taken off my gun. Scope is basically brand new. $500
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