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  1. I agree, i put a troll master on my 15 horse Honda kicker on my 21' crest liner and it is pretty sweet. IMHO well worth the money.
  2. In summer through early fall we run 30 lb. Ande main line. No matter what we don't ever even run a leader and we boat plenty of fish on spoons. We used to run leaders in spring, but they became kind of a pain so now we run straight flouro, works like a charm.
  3. Boat is @ the marina getting winterized right now, there are a ton of fish in the river, game on!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Do you still have these items for sale? What is the price for the vest and wading jacket??
  5. Name: Leo Location:Binghamton, ny Home Port:Mexico bay Boat Name/Type:crime pays / crest liner saber I fish for:trout and salmon ================== I have fished this lake out of fair haven for many many years, however I really only found out about this website a little while ago. Now, we fish out of Mexico, we also fish the salmon river quite a bit. Looking forward to sharing info with you all out there.
  6. Do you still have these items for sale? What would you take for the wading jacket and fly vest?
  7. Do you have a picture of the combo? Would you sell just the reel without the rod?
  8. What is the bottomline price you would take for the combo??
  9. Is the rod im7, im8, or im9? And also is the combo still for sale? Will you ship it if necessary?
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