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  1. Dave and I fished Friday afternoon when we arrived and did pretty well. Went 5 for 5 all kings. 4 of them were average to small for this time of year.  Dave got number 5 a nice 14 pounder. We took the fish in 245 to 300 fow down between 45 and 55 ft. 3 on spoons and the biggest 2 were on meat rigs.


    Saturday we stayed with the same program and caught 3 kings in the morning. 2 on spoons 1 on meat. Same general area. That's when the lake layed down and the fishing got tough. From 11:00 on we had 2 releases with nobody home. Called it a day about 3:00.


    Sunday still tough fishing. No marks and no fish in the areas we've been fishing. Started heading out deep to search for some better signs. At 300 fow the 300 copper went off with a laker. That was it for the day. The only positive about the day was it was beautiful out there. To calm actually. The other was at 570 fow we found a huge cloud of bait. Ran through it once but no takers. Had to start heading back for our trip home. 

    I think it was a pretty good weekend for us all in all.

    Tight lines







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  2. Good 8 days of fishing! The brown trout were a little tough. Some days good some could've been better. The water was pretty clear most of the time. Our best picks were up around 9 mile point. Chris in our group caught the best 2 of 7 1/2 and 8 lbs. Even mix of spoons and stick baits. Black and silver, green and silver and spoons with dots in those colors. The end of the week really slowed down to just a few cookie cutters here and there. I  did move out a little on day and got a nice 6 1/2 pound Steelhead and a little further out the wife got an all but 12 pound laker. The last day Saturday we cruised the shoreline for a couple hours picked up another cookie cutter and decided to head out for deep water. It was a bit rough at first but it was worth it. From about 100 to 160 fow the kings were there and hungry. Went 4 for 7 hitting them down between 50 to 70 ft. Nothing big, the biggest one was a little over 10 pounds. Bunch of other boats in the area seemed to be catching too. Sure was fun to end the trip fighting some kings. All in all it was a great trip! Back up in a couple weeks. 

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  3. I put Magnum Metalz on last year and they work great!! Compact, simple design, super smooth. You can custom order for your needs like the amount of cable, 2 different motor speeds, the amount of power cord needed and many different rod holder configurations. They have adapter plates to configure to your existing mounts. No need to worry about how heavy your weights are they will pull everything you throw at them. The only thing I can say negatively about them is they are custom made to order so it takes a while to get them. Mine took about 2 months to come after ordering. The other is it takes a trip or two to get used to the switch and clutch function. The switch is a little light and takes some getting used to. Goes from up and down pretty easily. But you get used to it quickly. Customer service is great and you can call them with any concerns and they are happy to help. You can order them right off there website. I would highly recommend them!!

  4. Make sure you use some sort of tether on the rod. A few years ago a buddy almost lost a rod out of his cannon stx. A fish hit so hard it pulled the holder down where it was parallel to the water and the rod shot out of the holder like a missile. It all happened in a second as the drag was screaming. Till it hit the water. He was fortune it enough to power around fast and caught the rod on one of the other lines. The fish was gone but at least he got the rod back. Even though the holder was tight and the drag was set right I had a hard time believing it really happened but his wife saw the whole thing. I believe her.

  5. Considering keeping the boat in the water for the season but have never done it and could use some info and advice. For reference I have a Pro Line walkaround with a white bottom with a Suzuki outboard. Should the bottom be painted with bottom paint or can it be cleaned after the season? I've seen both ways. The other question I have is do you guys keep the motor up or down at the dock? Does it effect the motor keeping it up for 2 or 3 weeks at a time? Or will keeping it down let it get built up with green growth and mussels? I would love to be out every weekend but I know that won't happen due to life and weather getting in the way. Thanks for any thoughts or insight. Don't want to learn the hard way as usual.

  6. At the last salmon school back in 2020 at the Niagara show I spoke to the head of the DEC (I forget his name at the moment) and he made the point that the goal was to have more 20-25 lbs fish than 30+ lbs fish like years ago. Using all the tools like managing the food supply to stocking programs. He was confident the data showed the health of the salmon fishery despite the objection of a number of us there. If I remember right after that show they announced the reduction in the Penn rearing project. Go figure. I will be going to the show this year and I would think the DEC will be there as well and intend to bring up these issues. Some of you may already have but he is interesting to talk to. They usually come to the meet and greet Friday evening and you get to talk to them individually in a small setting (which is really cool of them) and they are a little more talkative. We always hear about the science and the data. I wish they would take more input from the fishermen. Especially you character captains and veterans of the fishery. I don't fish as often as I like or as most of you folks but even my buddies and I notice the changes happening. Looking forward to the show and maybe see some of you folks there.
    Tight lines

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  7. What's wrong with the EVO2 you're running? Simrad makes a nice AP that I'm pretty sure would work with that unit?
    For trolling purposes, outside of Garmins PS30 Panoptix transducer, there isn't any "new technology" that is going to help you out. Traditional sonar, which has been around forever, is still king.
    What transducer are you running in that SIMRAD?
    I just installed an AP44 with my EVO2 this past spring. Installed it myself, with patience it's not difficult. Works great!

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