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  1. Considering keeping the boat in the water for the season but have never done it and could use some info and advice. For reference I have a Pro Line walkaround with a white bottom with a Suzuki outboard. Should the bottom be painted with bottom paint or can it be cleaned after the season? I've seen both ways. The other question I have is do you guys keep the motor up or down at the dock? Does it effect the motor keeping it up for 2 or 3 weeks at a time? Or will keeping it down let it get built up with green growth and mussels? I would love to be out every weekend but I know that won't happen due to life and weather getting in the way. Thanks for any thoughts or insight. Don't want to learn the hard way as usual.

  2. At the last salmon school back in 2020 at the Niagara show I spoke to the head of the DEC (I forget his name at the moment) and he made the point that the goal was to have more 20-25 lbs fish than 30+ lbs fish like years ago. Using all the tools like managing the food supply to stocking programs. He was confident the data showed the health of the salmon fishery despite the objection of a number of us there. If I remember right after that show they announced the reduction in the Penn rearing project. Go figure. I will be going to the show this year and I would think the DEC will be there as well and intend to bring up these issues. Some of you may already have but he is interesting to talk to. They usually come to the meet and greet Friday evening and you get to talk to them individually in a small setting (which is really cool of them) and they are a little more talkative. We always hear about the science and the data. I wish they would take more input from the fishermen. Especially you character captains and veterans of the fishery. I don't fish as often as I like or as most of you folks but even my buddies and I notice the changes happening. Looking forward to the show and maybe see some of you folks there.
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  3. What's wrong with the EVO2 you're running? Simrad makes a nice AP that I'm pretty sure would work with that unit?
    For trolling purposes, outside of Garmins PS30 Panoptix transducer, there isn't any "new technology" that is going to help you out. Traditional sonar, which has been around forever, is still king.
    What transducer are you running in that SIMRAD?
    I just installed an AP44 with my EVO2 this past spring. Installed it myself, with patience it's not difficult. Works great!

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  4. Fished out of Fair Haven last week and did really well. Limit every day. Did very well between the Fair Haven bluffs and Ford shole. 8 to 12 fow. Even mix of spoons and stick baits. Blue and yellow worked best for us. Some greens and some orange took some to. Blue and carmel dolphin, flounder pounder spoons. Thunderstick Jr's, smithwicks and rapala j9 in blue with yellow, blue and silver and all blue. All browns, mostly cookie cutters, with some boats catching an occasional king. A lot of boats trolling off the stacks of Oswego. I heard they did pretty well but we didn't go down that far.
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