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  1. Original Sutton Spoons: $50. All in good condition. Some unfished

    (2) 71

    (1) 44

    (1) 32

    (1) 88




    Mooselock Moosalamoo Spoons: $25

    (2) 44 sized

    (1) shoe horn sized



    Bomber and Storm baits: $20



    Vintage Hot n Tots $20



    Bert's 8 inch risers with track mounts: $35



    Prices include shipping to the US only. PayPal only. PM me with any questions.

  2. Like to start my post by thanking SSM for hosting the derby and congratulating all the winners. We worked hard today for our chance at a board fish but couldn't get it done. Missed the 3rd place laker by 4 ounces but at least we had some excitement.


    Friday: Pre-fished Friday looking for chrome since we had a pretty solid lake trout program established. We managed 4-5 bows and a nice brown but not the size we had hoped. Also landed a dozen or so lakers up to 8lbs. Even caught a nice smallmouth and didn't drop a single fish.


    Saturday: Day 1 is always fished with excitement, it was also slightly underwhelming in terms of fishing. We struggled early to find fish but ground it out taking many of our fish on Iron Duke Trolling flies. Divers and long coppers took a much better class of fish. My nephews (12 and 10) were our anglers all morning and they managed two solid lakers at 9lbs and 8+lbs. Luckily both fish held the board and they took first and second place In the youth gamefish division. I'm now their new favorite uncle and very proud of the job they did working the gear. Even had them netting a few of our fish for us! 14-18 total with 1 bow rest lakers.


    Sunday: Tired, sunburned and motivated! We drove up and down hitting all of our spots with little to show for it. Many, many short strikes that we couldn't stay hooked up with for more then a minute. Lost 2 good fish right in front of lyke2fish and I'm sure he got a kick out watching our reactions! Ended the day on a copper/wire tangle which was certainly my fault. Trying to run 12 lines from a 17 footer is a fun challenge but doesn't work when we have a quad and our anglers are napping in the bow. Totaled 9-17 I believe, all lakers up to 8 pounds.


    Overall totally awesome to see the nephews get their trophies and watch them develop as fisherman. Can't wait to see what they're capable of as they get older.








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  3. 21 hours ago, GAMBLER said:

    Fish Hawks customer service is top notch. If the problem isn't with wiring, give them a call. They were awesome when I needed replacement parts for my probe!

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    Agreed,Trevor and Karen are fantastic.  I've been having some issues with my X4D and they've been very helpful with troubleshooting and sending replacement parts.  

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