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  1. Was about to ask advice on this same subject. I'm looking to spool up 300ft of 60# torpedo weighted steel on a Penn 330. Planned on using braid for backing. So looks like if I go with 80# braid and Albright knot it will work out?
  2. I don't remember that one but I like it! Last year I forgot one rod in the holders on the hardtop going under the bridge out of Turtle Creek Ohio. Couldn't believe it when I saw just a few scuff marks.Some days the hardtop itself was so close it made me nervous, some boats couldn't get out. Made a lot of noise though bouncing across the bottom of the bridge. Poor rod!! Stupid me!!
  3. That IS interesting. Mine are 7' and the 2 piece model if that means anything. I was told the BWD stands for Big Water Downrigger and I wouldn't think a downrigger rod would have a trigger grip, but mine do. I just looked again and they definitely say BWD 1101 on them. Just another one of those things that make a guy say "huh" , I guess
  4. Must be something else. The BWD's that I have now have the trigger grip.
  5. I ended up buying these myself when I found out they were close by. I'm going to try these especially if I can't find anymore 7'. These are labeled "light action" though 6 - 20# test line, so we'll see. If I don't like them, you guys will get first crack at them!!
  6. I see 6 of the BWD 1100 8' 3" for sale on facebook , if anyone is interested!
  7. Question for you guys. What's the difference between the cal 1100 and the bwd 1100?
  8. I'm looking for 1 or 2 Big Water Fish brand adjustable rod holders as pictured. Mine are track mounts, but will consider other mounting types as well. Thanks, Mike
  9. I bought an older Sea-Ray a few years ago with Mercruiser 888 sterndrive that had the set-up as shown in the picture. It is now being used on an outboard. Are the brackets model specific possibly, & the clamps more universal??
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