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  1. This^^^^^^^^ I run the walker 107mm which I believe are the same as a 001 dipsey. Always have them on a 3 setting and as a general rule I use 3:1 line out/depth achieved. I have touched bottom many times in 100+ fow with around 300' out running 30# 7 strand wire. I don't even look at the tables that come with them.....I think they are for mono.
  2. Fished in the NE'lys this am with a new to salmon fishing buddy and his cousin from Scotland. Lots of 3-4'ers rolling around so we stayed in tight. Worked bronte to past Mcisac's 70 -100'. Went 1/3 on bows. One nice one around 15lbs. All on spinny/flies ....wire dipseys 100-130 back. Water temps 49 down 70. Not a great day but if it wasn't a planned trip I definitley would have slept in. The amount of bait of Bronte right now is unreal.....fish are full.
  3. I know that spot.....Crabby Joes parking lot Good for you guys...nice king
  4. Fished solo and spent the first hour and a half looking for some fishy water and ended up finding a decent temp break with a few marks around. hoped they were kings but my suspicions were confirmed pretty quickly...lots of lakers. Worked from 70-140 fow .......Grimsby to 50 pt. from 830am till about noon with at least a dozen bites...all greasers...some nice fat ones too. Desperately looking for a King fix but the LT's saved the day....kinda fun on light gear. All fish came on spoons tight to the rigger ball. Surface temps 52-53.
  5. Nice Dude! I may give it a whirl in the AM. N winds are supposed to lay down overnight...we'll see what's around on the S shore with warmer water stacked up down there.
  6. Try fishing a little higher in the water column. We spanked em friday night on wire dipseys 140-160 back with big paddles/flys. went 12/15 in a few hours with most fish being matures and they were pretty dark for late july. Rockets took a couple as well. Fished the drop off 160-180 fow. down speed 2.4-2.6 on the fishhawk.
  7. The GOSD derby winner was over 40lbs last year with another at 39 and change. They are definitley out there.
  8. OK.......you got me....where or what is g? Do you mean g-bay?
  9. Do you have a speed/temp probe? Currents out that way have been crazy lately. Some days I have had to go over 4mph on gps to get a good down speed. Fish have seemed to be liking it fast 2.8-3.0 at the ball.
  10. Thanks Tom....Yeah I use that site too. I should have mentioned he was fishing around 200 fow which makes sense looking at the temp. map. hot hot summer.
  11. Yep, hopefully tomorrow aft. Talked to a buddy and down temps are much better in the West end today. 54 down 45'. He fished Bronte and did very well.
  12. Was 54 degrees down 140 off the bluffs on thurs. Hope you got high speed riggers and 15lb balls . Guys were reporting getting fish out of temp as high as 60' though. HIH
  13. We'll see......I may try and get out a couple afternoons this week. I work early mornings and am usually home by 1-2pm so I might try closer to home.
  14. You definately do get a bill if your towing a trailer. I know a buddy who was double billed for both his vehicle and trailer. Last trip my buddy drove and he has a transponder through work. I went down again this am but took the 401 as it's faster if there's no traffic. Fished mostly in front of the filtration plant going 3/3 all kings in the low mid 20's. down 100-130' off riggers on big ern spoons. Bite died at about 9am.
  15. Yep, I fish the bluffs a few times every season once the derby is on. That's generally where the overall derby winner is caught. Good ramp there too, just going across the top of T.O. can be a pain.
  16. yeah, lakeshore is closed for the Indy.....traffic will be a nightmare down there this week. DOn't know if you've ever been there but fishermen's pier under the skyway is a better launch and closer if you are coming from guelph. just take hwy 6 to 403 to QEW niagara exit Eastport Drive...cross the liftbridge and it's on you right. $12 to launch...ice...tackle....snacks...porta potties...fenced parking and a GOSD scale. Only a 10 min run to Bronte...although you will probably find fish before you get there. The Big Brown apartments just west of bronte known as Mcissacs akmost always holds fish from 40-200 fow. good stuff dude.thanks for sharing.
  17. Not sure exactly how far, I would guess 4-5miles. Straight out from Burwell in 57-60 fow.
  18. You can get that deep with a wire dipsey dude. I have touched bottom with the biggest Walker Deeper Diver in 110 fow with 320' of line out with the diver on a #3 setting. They will go allot deeper than their dive curve says if you use wire or braid.
  19. Decided to give the silver fish a break for a bit try some new to me water. Had plans to head down to Port Burwell on Mon with a buddy, but he bailed at the last minute :x .........so I went solo. I have fished Erie for eyes only a couple times in the past with limited results so my goal was simply to put a couple in the box for the table. First time launching at burwell and I missed a turn on the way down adding 45min to the drive and when I finally got there the lineup of boats waiting to launch had to be 20 long. By the time I got fishing it was already 830am. Set up a simple 2 rod spread, 1 rigger, 1 5 color off a board...both with spoons. Took a little while before the 5 color fired and I had my first eye. Changed things up a few times during the day and my most consistent rod was the SWR off the downrigger 30 dwn with a copper ripplin redfin, and a braid dipsey 140 back with a stingray stoplight spoon. Ended 6/6 on eyes & 3/3 on steelies with a few junk fish (sheepies/white bass) mixed in. You can say I exceeded my expectations . Packed it in at 2pm as the heat was getting to me and arrived at the launch to see the same thing again. Boats anchored all the way up the channel waiting their turn to pull-out. WOW that place can get busy. Kept 4 eyes for the BBQ. Great average size out there.
  20. Beauty brown dude! Never caught a scammy that I am aware of but that one in your pic sure looks like the pics I have seen. Long and SKinny. Thanks for posting.
  21. Yeah Dude,coming from Guelph. Lot's of fishermen up this way. I may not make it till Monday now as my buddy has commitments on Sun.....we'll see what the forecast says. I have a white/grey 17' Sylvan Pro-Fishermen. Boat name TYEETAMER. Give me a shout on the VHF if you see me around. I'm happy to share any info I may have. Usually launch out of Fishermen's Pier when fishing lake O. Tightlines! Kris
  22. You read my mind dude. I may try Burwell on Sun too. Need a few eyes for the bbq.
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