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  1. Dark green pumpkin w/purple flake Senkos around any structure. Docks, drop-offs, weed lines either Texas rigged or wacky. Should be a good weekend for bass on Conesus. Good luck in your tourney!
  2. I would recommend some calm water to start. Mendon Pond, ironedquoit Bay, Hemlock, Conesus, etc. lots of fun fishing from a kayak, and certain techniques work better (from a kayak) than others. I fish on Conesus from a kayak every weekend and do okay. PM me and I'd be glad to show you around anytime. Good luck and have fun! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  3. Or you could try without a bobber. Let the minnow swim on his own and open the bail.......no resistance. I often get 'em this way on Conesus. Note: watch for birds if the minnow stays on the surface. Bad things can happen Caught this nice one on Saturday with a large swim bait bouncing along the bottom. Good luck!
  4. Very nice!! What did you catch it on? [ Post made via iPhone ]
  5. Almost all largemouths on Friday, and one nice smallie. Tried again on Sunday morning. 38 degrees and the flies were gone along with the shallow bite. Caught several nice smallies in 6-8' of water with a similar swim bait.
  6. Had a similar experience on Conesus on Friday. Lake flies we're out in thousands. Sunnies were munching them near shore, and the bass/northerns were in the same area. Caught 25+, all within 10 feet from shore. Caught almost all on a swim bait. Very fun day in the kayak! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  7. Water level rising every day. One good rain storm and the launch should be good. Saw lots of bass boats on Conesus this past weekend. No docks in at the launch as of 4/15.
  8. Went to the Conesus inlet today and found several walleyes. Not the numbers or the size I've seen in the past, but they're in there. Never got to see the pike this year. Not sure if I missed them, or if there wasn't enough water in the inlet.
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