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  1. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Never Enuff ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):8/27 Time on Water:8am to Noon Weather/Temp:partly cloudy Wind Speed/Direction:South wind Waves: 1 to 2 feet Surface Temp: 74 Location:east west troll LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 6 Total Boated:5 Species Breakdown:Kings,Cohos and 1 Laker Hot Lure: Flasher Fly Trolling Speed: 3.0 Down Speed: 2.6 Boat Depth: 130 Lure Depth: 90 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
  2. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location:Rochester LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 17 Total Boated:12 Species Breakdown:KINGS Hot Lure: Spoons Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
  3. I have friends down there right now and they asked me if I knew any charters down there. I will post if they go out. Thanks again [ Post made via iPhone ]
  4. Does anybody know a good Charter boat in Oceancity, MD [ Post made via iPhone ]
  5. How do I go about registering for up coming tournaments? [ Post made via iPhone ]
  6. Are you having anymore tournaments this year and if so is there room for another Team? [ Post made via iPhone ]
  7. what reel do u recommend for Lead Core?
  8. What is the best way to rig up Lead Core on a Penn 209?
  9. Looking for ideas on a good way to store lures and flys on by Boat were the people i'm fishing with can see them. i have a Hardtop.
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