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  1. I just got back home from Cobleskill, NY, last night, to Madison, SD and went pheasant hunting for the first time this year.  I had heard the bird numbers were very low this year, so I decided to hunt locally, in about a 25 mile radius of home.  I nearly walked my legs off, but was rewarded with a nice 3 bird limit.  Pretty pumped


  2. 8 hours ago, pap said:

    Hey John great to hear from ya again!! Sounds like you didn't skip a beat!! Congrats to ya and your success back on the oak:yes: PAP

    Howdy PAP, maybe we can get out together next spring or summer.  I will still be fishing salmon and trout for the next 3 weekends @ the Oak, and then switching to walleyes out of Otsego Lake and Minekill reservoir through October and November.


  3. On 8/22/2017 at 11:29 AM, Pa223 said:

    Way to go!!   Yeah the price is steep but the results will make you say.... man I should have bought one sooner.

    I will second that statement.  I just bought one a couple of weeks back, and am wishing I would have bought one a couple of years ago.  Browns are almost easy now!  Great investment! :)


  4. Saturday evening I started working west of the wall for browns, in 16-18 fow, because the surface temp was 62 F.  I caught a good brown right out of the chute, and proceeded to get bit between the pumphouse and the wall.  I think Trout Man or Paul Czarnecki were working the west breakwall pretty hard as well.  I missed one king, that straightened the hooks on my little Moonshine walleye spoon, and landed one of about 15 pounds, in 16 fow.  I was using those Big Jon mini divers like dipsies, and little spoons, back 80 and 90 feet, and pulling a standard stingray on 3 colors down the chute.  Every rod took fish.  Sunday the word was out, and it was a melee in shallow, especially with the sailboat race going on inside.  I think the kings are starting to stage at the wall, though.  Thanks.

  5. 30 minutes ago, BALLS DEEP said:

    Thanks tinfin. Left the dock yesterday around 6am ran out to 100fow and set up. Had a good screen all morning but couldn't quite figure them out. Fished til about 10:30. Managed six bites and boxed four fish. One really nice coho, 15lb King and two about 4-6lbs. Once the overcast passed and the sun started shining it slowed right down for us. All in all not a bad day though. Calm seas and a slight breeze. Mostly a spoon bite for us but flasher flies did take a couple shots. Hopefully back at it next week.

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    How was the boat ramp?  I am going either there or Olcott next weekend, depending on ramp conditions at the Oak.  Thanks.

  6. Olcott, Newfane Marina Rocks!!

    I just cannot say enough good things about the Newfane Marina in Olcott.  I have never been to a Marina that is handled so well.  I arrived on Friday evening, and knowing I would probably be leaving in the mornings, before there was anyone in the office, I decided to pay for Friday-Sunday boat launching all at once.  There was a nice price drop to $18 for 3 days @ a pop!  The second thing I loved is how they cater to the fishermen, with placing pallets with plywood over the sunken sections of dock,  so the fishermen can get to the floating dock without getting wet.  Then there is the Ice, gas, and coffee right there at the ramp in the morning.  How convenient is that??  Then, as if all of that were not good enough, when I came back in Friday night, well after pitch black, I motor into a boat ramp that is lit up like a high school football field on a Friday night.  Amazing, I could actually see what I was doing while I loaded my boat, for a change.  Just when I thought I could not love a marina more, I finally used the restroom there on Sunday afternoon, right before leaving, and noticed that not only is the place kept clean, it is also air conditioned!!  Finally, there is a fish cleaning station right there.  What more does a guy need????  My new very favorite boat ramp/marina on Lake Ontario, make that on all of the Great Lakes, by far and away!!!!! :):)  I wish every marina would take notes from these people!!


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  7. Olcott, 6-16-17 evening,

    Got out there at about 5:00 all set up in about 150' just west of Olcott.  First thing I noticed was all the fish and bait I was seeing were in the top 40' of water.  Ran an 11" paddle with meat a spinny/fly with diver, and a spoon out there on a 10 color.  Caught 2 16 pound Kings on the 2 face spinny and Stud fly, and one 12 pound king on the meat rig.  spinnies were back 90', and meat rig was down 40'.  Also missed a good rip on a spinny 90'  back.  3 for 4, so not too bad.  Fished from 250' to 90' of depth.  saw fish spread out everywhere, but moving shallower toward evening.  Thanks

    6-16-17 Lake O kings.jpg

  8. 8 minutes ago, dwiese77 said:

    I would agree in regards to the boat. I was wondering what effect all this rain may have in the fishing. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    It will create well defined mud lines spewing out of the river mouths, and spreading into the lake whichever direction the current and the winds take it.  You want to look for the green water, where the chocolate milk looking water mixes with the clear water.  It will also send warmer river water into the lake and create temperature breaks.  The ideal situation is to find green water that is a couple degrees warmer than the surrounding water, and BINGO!!!  I would run bright lures in the green water, and natural colors in any clear water. 

  9. 3 hours ago, cuz said:

    Thanks for the report!  Great catch!  Heading up this weekend. Saturday is looking like a camp work day due to wind forecast, but Sunday looks promising.  Would you say you had more action off the boards or on the riggers?  I know typically the boards out produce the riggers this time of year.  Just wondering.  Thanks in advance.

    Big fish came on the riggers, but boards produced many more fish.  Popped a couple on the chute rod, as well.

  10. 3 minutes ago, pap said:

    AAHH Great maybe our paths will cross!! What part of the lake will be your main stay??,PAP

    Probably Eastern end, since it will be closer.  I will go back and pull my boat out here around mid May.  I want to check out Lake George and Lake Champlain some on this go around.  I want to check out those Landlocked Atlantics, and maybe even some Striper fishing on the Hudson river, this trip. :)

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