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  1. Well I did not winterize it but I drained the block and put a drop light in the motor compartment. When is spring/summer going to get hear?
  2. You would look great in my camaro
  3. I would take $12,000 cash not a dime less lol. I am taking a beating going that low but the 16ft deep v tracker gets a little scary on the big pond. So I need a bigger boat!!
  4. I have a 1971 camaro looking to trade for fishing boat and money. This is not a numbers matching car or a trailer queen. It is a daily driver that turns everyones head as it goes by. Runs perfect would not be afraid to drive it across the country. paint and interior 2007. crate 350-350hp-400fp. Had the door handles shaved off for cleaner look. wheels are Boyds and tire are in 60% condition. flow master exhaust. This is a really nice car. My email is [email protected]
  5. 1971 Chevy Camaro The Camaro is in great shape has a 350 crate motor with 355 hp, 400 ft and Flow master exhaust. It runs excellent with no mechanical problems. This car is a hotrod not a numbers matching car (SS clone). Paint is ferrari orange with black stripes. I had the door handles shaved off when the body work was done, It now opens with a remote. The wheels are Boyds and tires are at 80%. Interior is all redone. This car turns heads. I have over $18,000 in it. I am looking to trade for the right boat or sell it to purchase a boat. This car is not a trailer queen but a driver. It is over forty years old has little corks but is sweet.
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