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  1. Depending on the trolling depth may effect the results, how far dose sound travel thru water.? Sound can be used as a attractant for multiple fish species ( seems as though i have read this ) If so, than the generator for sound waves, if controlled tones matter could make a difference. I think I will try to lower some water proof speakers, we can try different types of music or rhythm patterns to establish best results per species. This combined with Cannons EONS may be what we are all looking for.
  2. Hey thanks for the report I see your from Montrose Pa nice place I,ve been there a few times. We fished Mexico Bay from Sept 3, - Sept 9 had some good luck my boat did 7 Kings and 1 coho biggest king 27lbs smallest 17.5 lbs Green on Green and white on white 80 to 65 feet of water always close to the bottom running mostly 2.5 speed at the ball. I guess I was miss informed about flashers I had heard 30' was the max distance behind the ball because they stop preforming after that , But It takes someone like yourself to go beyond normal and make a difference. I will be trying that next time. Thanks
  3. Its a 150 optimax saltwater merc never been in salt also has a 15 hp fourstroke
  4. 2005 Aquasport 215 for sale 19,500 Great family boat room for 10 Excellent fishing machine 100 gal fuel tank
  5. Hi I will be fishing from the Salmon River this year, but I read some about the Trench or the lighthouse where are these places located ? I cant find them on a map so assuming they are local spots Thanks
  6. craigslist Vermont boats by owner 2005 aquasport ( check it out)
  7. check out the Aqua sport 22.5 ' here on classified
  8. Price reduced 19,500 must sell !!!!!!! 2005 Aqua Sport 215 Boat Motors and trailer for sale asking 23,000.00 150 H.P. Opti Max salt water pkg, used in fresh water only 15 H.P. merc 4 stroke trolling motor. 611 hrs. on the 150 hp many extras 2 fish finders 100 gal fuel tank 10 person capacity great shape 802 839 0040
  9. I spent a week on vacation using the Salmon River Marina to launch and I can tell you that the Charter Captains and all there mates were nothing but a great bunch of guys they tried to answer all my questions they told me how to catch fish where to go and they were very friendly. One individual out on the lake threaten to sink my boat but after I invited him to come aboard they decided to leave, you'll have that when the fishing gets hot. We all can make a mistake, Butt with FISH ON the FISH RULE.
  10. Can anyone tell me what is the ideal temps to look for Kings also how distinct is the temp change just bought a new fish hawk, so don't know a lot about it Also if any one knows how to determine the thermocline on a hds7 Lawrence any help would be appreciated Thanks
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