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  1. Prchmike

    Perch Search

    I have a 16 foot Sylvan and fish Erie alot. Just pick your days. Off-shore winds or any winds less than 10mph are quite doable.
  2. Prchmike


    Yes Niagara minnows were what I used but my buddy did real well on fatheads this week too. Every fish was on the river side.
  3. Prchmike


    Perch fishing was on fire on the river side of the Charlotte Pier near the end Saturday. Wind and all.
  4. Prchmike

    Lake Erie Perch

    I go out in my 16' Sylvan alot. You just have to pick your days. In a 19, I would be out most days.
  5. Prchmike

    Lake Alice

    Lake Alice is full of crappies and big gills. I fish it a few times every summer. I was up at night a few weeks ago and did quite well. I fish around the rte. 279 bridge usually from shore. The water is deep but I set my bobber at about 1-3 feet and the crappies come up for it. Bigger shiners work the best.
  6. I got half a bucket on the Charlotte pier on Saturday. Quit by noon and tried Long Pond. I should have stayed on the pier. Not a tap at Long. All the fish were towards the end on the river side.
  7. Got to the outlet late and only fished a couple of hours from about 10 til 12. From past experience they slow down at about 10 or 11. I did manage 25 keepers from 8.5 to 11"and about 50 gobies.If you fished earlier or later I think it would be pretty good.
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