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  1. @nightlysportscall Possession and a football move over the goal line BEFORE HE WAS TOUCHED. Touchdown. Period.

  2. @colin_dunlap Not one to say “I told ya so” LOL. Seriously, though, interest is D O W N

  3. RT @SteelersEquip: Ben’s 50,000 passing yards ball #HereWeGo https://t.co/KqidWXj5ks

  4. #LETSGOBUCS https://t.co/Mv7b2IcgIL

  5. #LetsGoBucs https://t.co/DdaehnLf8D

  6. Rich Collins shot 128 today. Go Clips! @CLBClippers

  7. #LetsGoBucs https://t.co/duDq6hyrla

  8. #LETSGOBUCS https://t.co/uJ7DBqhlJ5

  9. Reel Excitement out of the Oak - Captain Bob Songin. May be tough to get a good charter on such short notice....
  10. What I printed is from the solunar tables. They never seem to be right except for hunting bucks in the rut.......
  11. Date 08/06/2013 H: 79° L: 58° Rise: 6:08 AM Set: 7:49 PM Rise: 6:02 AM Set: 7:31 PM Overhead: 12:50 PM Underfoot: 12:28 AM NEW MOON Major Times 12:28 AM - 2:28 AM 12:50 PM - 2:50 PM Minor Times 6:02 AM - 7:02 AM 7:31 PM - 8:31 PM
  12. Sweet fish ! Congrats. A lot of red on that belly for the first day of August !
  13. Thanks SK8Man. I think improving it actually allows it to loosen more easily with the heavier line.
  14. From Leader to main (terminal) swivel, I use a clinch knot, and have always improved it. Someone last weekend mentioned that on heaver (20-30 lb) lines, you should NOT improve it, just a straight clinch knot is best. What do you say ?
  15. RT @LaMarrWoodley: If yall want a chance to win #MNF tix 4 our game vs KC retweet this and @ThisIsGMC will pick a winner #GMCMNF http:// ...

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