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  1. An amazing 49" fish came from there last fall. They are there somewhere .
  2. Was nice to get out shore casting on Oneida again last nite. Managed a couple fish with some missed hits, and some nice bass landed. Cleaning the fish this morning , noticed something odd. Yep, tapeworms, some almost a foot long and alive, coming out of one of the fish. Everything online says no big deal, cook and eat like normal which makes sense. I have caught hundreds of eyes from Oneida in the last couple years and never noticed this . Has anyone else ?
  3. Several times last summer we were lucky enough to fish baitballs pushed to the surface and being attacked by pike, tigers, and gar at the same time . Never any pickerel mixed in with the other predators though. But this was over 25 to 30 feet of water.
  4. Large push of birds moving in the daytime yesterday , more geese in the air then I've seen flying all year. Even some random flocks of ducks flying . Must be the cold front, should be good shooting for whoever is out today.
  5. Last December I trolled as slow as 1.1mph to get them to hit. Once water temp is below 45, they never hit for me unless it's 1.8mph or less. Other people have success going faster though .
  6. We did decent in my boat last Sunday, 7 pike in 4 hours trolling . Was a calm day and a slow bite though. Water was 43 degrees, fish would only hit between 1.4 and 1.6mph trolling speed. Half the fish came off planer boards. Could not catch any casting . Hope to get out again as soon as muzzleloading is over.
  7. Shore fishing on Oneida has been stellar for the last week and a half . Not sure on the deeper water bite.
  8. The eel works well for me when I have used it where I fish. It tears on almost every fish though , but easy to fix with a lighter or a mini butane torch. Have had no luck with the biggest eel , just the medium size.
  9. Is fin rot a form of red spot or dermal sarcoma like pike get?
  10. I see them like that occassionally . I always thought it was from a previous injury where the tail fin got split in the net and didn't heal properly.
  11. Erie walleye or Ontario? Awesome fish.
  12. Stay on them dude. Time to use some vacation leave.
  13. In my mind scattering them over a larger area seems like it would lessen the opportunity for a localized feeding frenzy though. A couple here and couple there would be harder for the terns and gulls to spot too maybe . But I see now they are easy pickings no matter what when they are floating around on the surface.
  14. Just got off phone with DEC. They agreed baby tigers are dumb and ride high in the water column, easily predated, etc. When I pointed out they were dumping them in current , no weeds around , over deep water, etc they stated that's how it's always been done at that spot and survival rates are adequate. Pointed out that there are several shallow 4 to 7ft deep weedy bays very close by that would be much better spots, and volunteered to boat them there in the future, biologist was open to the idea for next year and took my name and number.
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