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  1. Fished Friday between 150-350. 200 seemed to be the best. Got 3 kings, one steelhead and a small brown. FF got the kings. Never found a good picture. 240 and 280 on dipseys. Riggers down 75 and 100
  2. Went out Saturday morning with dad and my 9 year old daughter. Took a couple hrs but then the dipsey started screaming. Gave Emily the rod an she started fighting the fish. Soon after the other dipsey rod takes off. Doubled up!! After a hard battle Emily's is in the net. 1st king ever!! Dads then comes to the net. Both caught on ff. a laker was the next fish followed by a small king. By this time it was pretty nasty out there. 80 flow so we started heading closer to shore. In about 50 flow rigger pops and started screaming. That fish Hit the cheater with a spoon. Emily then battled with the 26 lb king for around 20 mins. Biggest fish ever!! She's hooked on salmon fishing. Reports haven't been great but you can't catch em at home. There's still a bunch of fish out there. Go get em!!!
  3. Great first trip! Although it was alittle difficult navigating out there do to the fog. Diffinitaly needed your electronics. Fished 6'-15' and couldnt see shore most of the day. Went 26 for 35 with most fish coming off the boards. Mostly cookie cutters with a few nice ones mixed in. Biggest was 10 lbs. Also got a couple steelies and a small king. Smithwicks took most of the fish, 75-130' off the boards. Michigan stingers mixed veggie also caught its share on the riggers.
  4. Fishing was tough wind got stronger as we fished. Water temp was about 40. Only got one brown but it was 8lbs 14 oz. Beautiful fish to start the year. Not much to report. By the end of the trip waves were coming over the break wall.Try to get up next weekend for onother report.
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