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  1. Hope steelheads will be back on strong #'s this year in the tribs... Did you fish last year ? More steels than last year ?
  2. Thanks guys. I don't fish on the lake, just wanted to know if the numbers of steelies is on the average compare to other years (not 2015)
  3. Hi guys, Any good (or bad) steelhead fishing on the lake lately ? Any reports ? Thanks
  4. That's good news ! Nothing better than a big steelie on the swing
  5. Thanks Tove, this year we have 2 days on the Oak (Nov 11 and 12) staying in Orleansoutdoor. I know the Oak is crowded..... But if fish is there, no problem.
  6. Hi Tove ! Sure, I'll cross the Big Pond one more time (it will be my 2 nd year in Pulaski). I don't want a terrific trip. Just the fact I'll be there and some fish it's more than OK for me. Last year, I fished late october, and the run was late for steelheads; and just don't caught any brown. I've had more day with 1 - 2 fish than 10 fish; and it was the best fishing trip of my life. Thanks for your reply Tove
  7. It's a carprown a brown mixed with carp !! Nice catch
  8. And about steelheads guys; Any good catch lately ? Do you think it will be a good year for steelies ?
  9. Thanks Claude ! Je me rend à Montréal avant d'aller à Pulaski (depuis Paris). Si tu veut te joindre à moi durant le trip, c'est avec plaisir !
  10. Got it Sk8man ! I use to sk8, now I'm surfing !
  11. Thanks guys ! For sure, it would be a pleasure to fish with someone from the forum during my trip ! (from oct 18th to oct 30th) I will stay at the new lodge Welcome to the Wood LLC (Glass Hole) on the SR I will bring some food
  12. Hi guys ! I'm Ben from France; I register here, because I plan a trip to Pulaski this fall (oct.) for steelies and browns. Very good forum, very usefull info !
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