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  1. Nothing like chasing the dream in the spring! Can't have a much better day than that. Congrats!
  2. That was awesome!! Was thinking I need to call my buddy to tell him there are two guys out there already doing good! Then I read the end and you had me in stitches.
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    Thank you all for your responces. I will watch the weather and will have respect for it. Thanks again.
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    Hey All, Been lurking on this sight for a while and I can't beleive how helpful everyone on this sight is. I think it is awsome people are so helpful here. I have never had any experience trolling before and I have got some good info. from going over threads on this site. The more I read on here the more fasinated with trolling lake ontario I get. So finnally I have planned a trip to Niagra river in mid August. I've fished there once before and on the bar a little. While I'm there I wanted to try to venture into the lake maybe out of Wilson to do some trolling for kings and steelhead. My question is before I even get my hopes up for this would I be foolish for trying to do this with a 14ft Lowe deep v. with a 20horse. I fished the finger lakes before and I know you really have to watch the weather but lake O is a whole new animal to me. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have any advise to give me?