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  1. If it was on the internet its gotta be true! haha
  2. I've been off the water for over a month and was looking for some insight on how this lake is treating the jiggers lately. Any info appreciated. Thinking of launching out of Sampson. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I am looking for one to just slow my drift. I vertical jig so that's ideal for me. Any idea of lbs thrust I should go for? I'm not looking to be too cheap but not looking for over kill either.
  4. I'm in need of a front trolling motor. I usually stick to Cayuga and Seneca w/ my 16' Starcraft. Any insight on what I should be looking for is appreciated. Thx!
  5. Ok I see them, I just didn't because I use the round ones.
  6. 1.5 oz? Or 1.25? Hermits jigs are top notch! I'm yet to get the 1.5's, tho if available I will!
  7. Good luck to all who can make it. I myself can not. Hopefully next year!
  8. Thx, I tried site again and I'm good to go! Good luck to all!
  9. Is there still time to sign up some where's? I tried online but it won't load. Anyone have bait shops # so I don't waste a trip today? Thx!
  10. Is there any way to still register? The online link isn't opening for me.
  11. For us new guys, what's the regular? Rules etc... I'm new to all derby's so any and all info greatly appreciated.
  12. Nice! That must've been a sight to see! Thanks for sharing! Excites me for when my 3yr old daughter will be ready!!
  13. Thanks it sure did. I wasn't sure on Saturday but after looking at John Gaulkes report for Sunday I'm pretty sure it was the thermocline. I was basically where he reported. Thanks again!
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