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  1. Turf if you change your mind I'll take them.
  2. Wait till next year to start. There is no fish in the lake or rivers to practice on.
  3. Hello, I fish rivers and lakes but I am new to stream trout fishing. I am curious as what the comments of "good year for fisherman, bad year for trout" and "with water conditions the way they are many rainbows will not see the lake again" mean? Any help would be appreciated. In addition I agree that everybody should follow all rules regardless if they agree or not. Not saying I am special or anything but I practice the CPR (catch,photograph,release) ethic because of preservation and because these magnificent and beautiful fish deserve to live on. Even as a newbie I wouldn't mind seeing these tributaries catch and release only for rainbow. Preserving these fisheries for future generations is an absolute priority. Good luck and tight lines! (Go Cowboys!!)
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