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  1. Out yesterday off Bowmanville.We went out at 5:30 pm while most all other boats were coming off cause of high winds. Pounded waves til we hit 120'. Dodger fly in greens down at 50' caught me a king that just about wore the prints off my thumb. Wild fun in 4-5 footers. This king kept peeling line right till it landed in the net. No weigh scale but am convinced it went 30 plus..lots of pictures..just gotta figure out how to load em here. Half hour later a dipsy with purples and pink DP spoon took a good run and won the battle .One more release around 7:30 then went home..too rough. I'm still pumped..first Lake O fish of the season will be tough act for me to follow!!
  2. One word.....SHAD. out to Quinte last weekend again ...saw 1 eye between two boats. Yeah real tough
  3. Yeah really disappointed. Left Quinte on sunday than my luck ..or lack of it..continued on Lake Ontario at Bowmanville for Kings or bows. No luck..damn!! Will fish Golden Lake near Kilaloe this weekend. Good Luck Ed
  4. Hi There, Weekend before last..limit two days in a row at Shermans. this weekend past skunked at Shermans fri and Saturday as well as skunked from Bayview Resort to Perfectview. Also from Thomsons Point to Keiths shoal..even used riggers east of Glenora. Switched up on sunday and fished the Narrows west of Desoronto Bridge and finally rewarded with one 'SHAD'...sorry I cannot provide you with it's picture...grrrrrrr!! My point...good luck.,. the shad are definitely in. Ed
  5. Hi there..got pictures last nightn from Shermans Point...my bud caught 4 pics in a row at sunset. Two days before they were catching them in Mallory bay on the North side of Trompour Point (running parralell) and in as far as the weed hump in between thompson and Trompour. Good luck Eddie
  6. Nice to see all the boats out today off Bowmanville. First fish at noon..22 lb King..than 2 steelhead. No More fish til 8:45 than picked up another King at 20lbs (the picture). It was the first time out for my pal...he was pumped. Both Kings in 140~160 fow and down at 40 and 55'. Lots of fun!! Sent from my SGH-T989D using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Yeah was out yesterday and we got 10 pics all on CC Shade..color was purple. Found no fish anywhere but at Telegraph Narrows in 10-15' on north side parrall to red markers. Shad were in. No go at Ram Island, Shermans Point, Thompsons Point, Mallory Bay or Trompour Point. Good Luck Ed Sent from my SGH-T989D using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Was out on thursday off Bowmanville in 150 to 200 ft. Surface temp 53. Got a bow at 40 ft down than a 24 lb king at 54 ft down. Prpobably going back out today
  9. I may go out tomorrow off Pt Hope. Just got back from Rice Lake with a limit of beauty pics. All filleted and what didn't make the fry pan is in the freezer..yum!! Eddie
  10. Hi HBC.. Just went on the Coast Watch site for water temps on Lake O and noticed the warmest pockets are just off Port Hope at 52.4 F and east of Port Hope at 51.6F. If winds calm down I'll be out tomorrow sporting all new equipment..new Cannon Mag 10's Electric and just finished installed a new Fish Hawk 4XD..all new rods and Convector reels. Been fishing for years but just about zero time on downriggers and especially Lake Ontario. I plan to change that this summer!! Will probably see you out there. Hope your hairy butt crack has shorts on that nastiness..Lol!
  11. Hi Roger Been out from Port Darlington 5 times in past 2 weeks. I have just setup my boat with all new gear and was out trying it out and have yet got only 1 chinook. went out as far as 300 ft. Most of the fish I saw were 175 -225. Hit the fish at 185 and 45 down. I'm dying to hear some fresh reports to get me a few tips. 2 mag 10's w/spin doctor spoon and a couple of tipsy rods with spoons. The orange spoon worked . I hope to head back out on the long weekend. Best of luck with your new flies! Eddie
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