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  1. Yeah can't seem to get lakers..went out yesterday at 5 am outta deans headed north on the west side running the boards picked up a few rainbows in 20 fow running about 1.5 1.9 knots on gold and black rapala Other than that no lakers or browns.
  2. Anybody getting lakers having a rough time getting them Topic moved from Trib. Fishing Forum - mb
  3. Hey lakebound88 I fished with one of your buddy's Tall tails outbid olcott this past weekend in proam had a lot of fun he's had nothing but good things to say about ya..
  4. No I'm up fishing pro am should be back up Monday gonna fish Tuesday just trying to get some tips before I head out
  5. Anyone having luck on Cayuga lake if so any spoon colors fly colors or depth?
  6. Looks like we are gonna get some nice wind for first day of derby on seneca lake...should be fun.....NOT
  7. Think we should do two big fish Fridays a month till August it would be fun... Or maybe even a Slob Saturday for the guys that can't get a Friday off from work... Should talk to Nick about that
  8. Nope that's for the daughter lol 😂
  9. Viral hemorrhagic septicemia? Heard about it being commen in fish farms..could come from all the fish that they stock in the lakes..keep the fish that are not native out let the native fish have there house back!!!
  10. I run a board on the back of my boat
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