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  1. Monark is know named StarWeld it is the same exact hull as Monark. If you don't mind crossing the boarder in to Canada to buy a boat Starcraft who makes the StarWeld boat also makes Legend. If you pull up StarWelds website and Legends website and look at the boats you will see they are the exact same hull.
  2. http://syracuse.craigslist.org/boa/3823524644.html
  3. Performed an engine check in driveway utilizing standard hose "ears" as water source. Started engine as normal, but no cooling water indicator stream.
  4. Still looking but yours sounds a little to expansive I'm looking to stay under $1500
  5. looking for a 4 stroke kicker for my 19ft aluminum boat prefer controls but not a must have. found one thanks to all who replied
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