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  1. Early morning and evening should he a safe bet. Sometimes ill take my dingy out early morning..7am ish to about 80 fow..throw out 2 dipsys set up the fish finder and ive caught tons. Just watch what the winds doing and you should be ok
  2. Went out a couple nights ago.finally landed abnice king after days and days of getting skubked...120fow...watermelon spoon down 80..nice 18lb king. East wind too so its nice to know its not always bad.
  3. Went out a couple nights ago.finally landed abnice king after days and days of getting skubked...120fow...watermelon spoon down 80..nice 18lb king. East wind too so its nice to know its not always bad.
  4. Im out right now...105 fow..marking lots of nice hooks down at around 50 and 60 fow but no bites except for a small one i could put in my fishtank. Could be the east wind. Get to wash the new spoons though
  5. went out sunday morning 6am....around 70-100 fow lot of bait fish some hooks, nothing biting..tried 200+ fow...nothing. came back into 100-120...lots of hook at around 40fow..temp 51 degrees....nothing took a hook though.
  6. id give it a shot why not, the fish are so nuts this year who knows when and where they will be early september. normally around that time i beleive their in closer if im not mistaken. I was catching them in like 40fow just outside harbor channels.
  7. Been fishing between whitby and Pickering...not marking anything and the rare time we do...it's a very small group of bait fish at the very top.....tried fishing in 50fow to 200fow....all times of the day...early morning...late at night....and the fish that I do catch are only tiny little guys. Doesn't seem to matter what lures or bait we use. Can't seem to mark a single thing all year. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Anyone catching or even marking stuff around this area? Last three days ive been out...havent marked a thing...got one little four pounder...out on the lake right now...went from 60fow to 300 fow....marked nothing. Its like the fish are extinct hah.
  9. Fish seem to be scattered...been going out for two weeks now and only landed two fish....marking lots of baitfish the last two days around whitby ajax...but no hook
  10. yea ive been going out on the dinghy because the boats coming out the water soon so don't wanna gas up and let it sit. 170 FOW is too deep for me. Guess ill wait a bit more till they come a little closer
  11. I know most of the salmon are starting to run up the rivers now and stuff. So today I thought id go out and try to catch me some trout...nothing though. Fishing out of the whitby/oshawa area, are the fish all in 250+ fow during the day at this time of year? I've never fished this late into the season.
  12. Letting the rigger balls hit bottom sounds like a good idea but I worry about getting caught up on something. Already lost a dipsy cause it got to deep and it just vanished
  13. 50 lb mono* that just got straight to the swivel then attach the spoon. Seems to work well but just wanna know the advantage for the leader.
  14. I don't think in all my years of fishing I've ever used a leader when trolling. Are leader important to have? All my rods right now have 80lb mono
  15. Went out yesturday and saw tons of big guys just sitting on the bottom in about 50-70 fow. Is there any tricks to getting these guys to bite? Tried all depths but they just didnt budge. Almost wanted to stop the boat and try a jig.
  16. marking really big hooks just outside of the Oshawa harbor the last few days. Went out on the dinghy couple mornings ago, threw out 2 dipsy's and pulled in a mid 20's. Looked out of place beside all the big boats and can sometimes be a pain to bring the fish in by yourself but still works hah.
  17. same thing happened with us yesturday, 2 days ago when the weather was iffy, boated 3 nice fish all in the 25-32 range in 80fow then not a single thing yesterday, just outside Whitby
  18. good tips, going to pick up a fish hawk temp probe today, make sure our lures are around the proper depth..and going to try trolling east and see how that works.
  19. Tonight we were in 60-70 fow...marking a ton of baitfish and huge hooks....I've never seen so many fish on the screen in my life....lines were down 30-65 feet in 70fow...we used meat.....flies with spin doctors....flashers.l.watermelon spoons....maybe it's just not out luck this year so far. Trolling at 1.8-3....nothing.
  20. I've been fishing outside of whitby for the past two weeks, only ever get two knock offs. No sure if I'm doing something wrong or just bad luck. Marking tons of bait between 80-100 fow
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