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  1. That fish came on a blue/chartreuse sd and green fly in 110 fow by shell pier, shakers last night came on watermelon ss spoon up high
  2. Got into one good fish for the first time this summer on the 20th been getting a lot of small ones went 3/3 on shakers tonight the 21. Girlfriend got her first king though and I think the smile says it all
  3. Fished from the lift bridge to shell pier and back last night, nothing to show for it. Fished 70-120 fow in and out with our baits up high and down low, marked sporadic bait and no hooks even on the screen. Same story from guys coming into the launch too
  4. Hit a coho on Sunday in 140 fow with a sd/green fly down about 50. My buddy did pretty well 4/5 Friday in 160 fow, all fish on spoons up high with one king 14lb
  5. Fished in a bit closer this morning at bronte, 80-130, dipsys 100 back on 1 setting and 120 back on 3's, black and dark green dw spoons took almost all our fish, finished about 10/12 with a half dozen more knock offs, nothing over 6-8 lb but lots of fun!
  6. Fished bronte Friday and fished 120-200 fow between 230-630, only one shaker to show for it. Flew solo so only had a flasher fly down 60 and a watermelon spoon up top. Been tough lately but sounds like the fish are in shallower now
  7. got one big king in 140 fow up high 180 back on #0 dipsy 2 setting on a watermelon spoon
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