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  1. biggest I caught all year was a 25 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. first time fishing fall pike In a while . what are you guys hittin em on ? minnows spoons plastics
  3. adk u let the wire out so it doesn't inbed or get loose and spool out kink and snap
  4. I go 25 for flys and meat and 10 back for spoons
  5. I use owner , and hook colour depending I would just stick with black silver or red and if your In bluffs ,Pickering ,Ajax or maybe Whitby there's tightline
  6. u must be the only guy I've heard of that still runs squids
  7. I know that feeling man it's insane watching a king peel off line like nothing
  8. that's also true I've noticed that also but with me I've been catch bigger fish at 2.5
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