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  1. The crew that met at Nothing But Net at early dark thirty consisted of me, Tom Barbera, his daughter Mallory, and Jeff Ignaszak. Our game plan was simple. We decided to forego the reports of copious but smaller fish to the West and return to the outer edge of the Genesee plume that was dispersing off Wautoma Shoals, where Tommy and I had done a few quality silvers the day before at BFF. We started in 110 fow, trolled North, and only turned when we hit 400+. In fact, that was our mode operandai the whole day. I think we made four turns in total, and we staying off Wautoma trolling North-South right up until the final whistle. 
    For most of the morning, we didn't have another soul fishing near us. We picked away at majors, with the crew doing a phenomenal job of landing what we were lucky enough to pick up. With the exception of a near triple later in the day (that didn't help our box), I don't think any one fish came within 100 feet of another. We'd hit one at 170, then 290, then 400, just picking away at them. I think that the plume was dispersing, and we did note that the edges were where we were getting bit.
    We started out with an eight rod set: riggers, double divers, and two deep coppers, but quickly pulled the outer divers when we weren't getting any hits up top. Our best rig was a Pro Troll Fish-n-Chips flasher in straight green with a John King meat head at 85 feet on the rigger. That one setup accounted for our three biggest fish. We also had good luck on a 42nd Spin Doctor later in the day, at 85+ down, and the 400 copper with a 10" Black Green Dot Spin Doctor (thank you, Scotty) carrying meat went a few times as well. Spoons were quiet, with a steelhead and a few skippies. 
    In total, we boated eight decent kings and lost two, along with a handful of smaller fish. Our box consisted of a pair each of 24 and 20 lbers. I'd heard from friends that most of the crowd wasn't doing so well, but it wasn't until we got to the weigh in that I realized how poor the fishing must have been. This was the fewest folks I've seen there, given the normal size field of ~45 boats. Our traditional place at the SCS is ~13, usually a place or two out of the money, and we've only hit the top ten once. Last year, every team that weighed in had four salmon, and we figured that this would be true this year as well. So, we felt decent about our box being competitive, but never suspected that it would end up eight lbs heavier than the second place finisher. I guess it's better to be lucky than good somedays. 
    We also didn't get into the Calcutta - I figured why give Brian more money lol - and I'm sure that the other teams appreciated that...but at the end of the day, at least we avoided weighing in a limit of lakers.
    But who would do that? (Smart play, by the way)
    Seriously though, this is the best (and only lol) tournament we fish, and you couldn't ask for a better group of guys running things. Shout out to Rob, Brian, and Tim for all their hard work.  It's just a smooth operations all around, with the classiest and best looking fishermen on the lake competing in what we originally envisioned to be a working man / small boat tournament. Given the variation in rigs and the breadth of the field, from captains to weekend warriors, I'd say Mission Accomplished. 

    Great report Gator, it was like I was there while I read it!!!! Pretty simple a great FUN day fishing with a great group of guys and a Girl... Shout out to Brian, Rob , and Tim .. for hosting this event. Tight lines Tommy B IMG_7928.JPGIMG_7927.JPGIMG_7929.JPG

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  2. I would like to come by Eastfork Marina to look at this boat. Is it still available. I am down in Livonia area. So about an hour awat

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    Your more than welcome to come look at it I’m not in the shop today the boat is on the south side of marina..

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  3. Dose it have a trailer ? and do you know the motor hours.

    Yes a newer venture dual axle aluminum,, I could get you the year of you need I’m thinking 2010 ,, engine hrs around 1200 was a Lake Erie perch boat then pretty much a weekend charter boat.

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  4. IMG_7518.thumb.JPG.d776d8df5f228fd238ca066489bf0560.JPGIMG_7520.thumb.JPG.6f90e211d42ce8309b83d83c3c17ff0b.JPGIMG_7523.thumb.JPG.0f3211221037e004ca1db0cdfb9903cf.JPGIMG_7524.thumb.JPG.d59cbfd200b94c56dae142ec7cfc24ef.JPG

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    Boat had new stringers , floor , and transom replaced 8 years ago professionally, runs perfectly.open to offers selling for estate

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  5. 1993 Thompson 260 , ten foot beam , very deep boat, 454 Mercruiser with bravo two stern drive, wash down, garmin gps unit garmin sonar/gps , VHF radio , planer masts/ boards , meticulously maintained by professional at East Fork , call 585 -964-2694 survey welcomed ,water test upon sale. 13,000 or BO 
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  6. Very sad day , Mike will be missed, his morning creek voice yelling at his crew for being late, helping with the docks, his laughter at the picnic table , Sandy won’t be the same .. Rest In Peace brother.IMG_6720.JPG

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  7. Second sit two hrs then move last day strategy worked in the past...IMG_6615.thumb.JPG.d146ece62fb4d6a291af6d7c07de0d6e.JPG

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    3rd sit would produce two large doe bedding down just below us on a creek flat watched them for two hrs with hopes of horns with them with no luck .... off to acorns till dark GOODLUCK allIMG_6617.JPG

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  8. December 17 pm
    26 degrees
    NE wind 8-14 mph.
    Cloudy skies

    The deer moved late today. Saw a couple in the first field walking in and then don't think I saw a deer until after 4. After that they poured in. Deer were really grouped up.
    Had a big 8 show up with the first herd of does. The kid passed on three small bucks and had his eyes only on that deer. I let him take a 150'+ shot and clean miss. The shot obviously spooked the deer in the field but not one deer left and within 5 minutes they were all back to eating. Four days to go.


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    Barely made it out alive yesterday as that storm set in by 2 pm in 8r slept in this morning let the storm roll through and let the plows get done .. stopped at marina earlier and loaded up with some blocks for weight didn’t know what to expect. The kid and I slid into a nice blind with heat till noon just two hrs then took a short walk and walked up on a nice doe browsing at 100 yards out we closed the gap by 25 ish yards and the kid made a great shot with dad’s muzzloader... 80 yards through a six inch window.. back at it in the morning hopefully see some horns. Good luck to all IMG_6597.JPG IMG_6589.JPGIMG_6588.JPG

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  9. Tommy sent an arrow a little after 4.
    Snowing and in very thick stuff.
    Wasn’t thrilled with the shot, backed out.
    Arrow looked good to me but tough call.
    Snowing and lots of yotes in the area.
    Nasty thick stuff too.
    Went back after dinner and found her.
    Very relieved.

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    Congratulations Tommy!!!

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  10. Tommy, you got company not too far west of you! I'll be out this afternoon through Friday. If you need any help give me a shout and Good Hunting!

    Congrats to all who have scored during Gun season! Brian..

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    Ok Andy same to you if you need a hand let me know good luck I’m on the hill till Tuesday

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