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  1. is this for sale still please let me know thanks cpmaple (chad)
  2. cpmaple

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    Wish I had the funds for it I want a hardtop only if I could sell my boat. you have a nice boat there for sure
  3. Looking for a 3L mercrusier engine the boat it will be going in is a 86 sylvan. Just pulled mine out from winter storage and hooked the hose up and the block cracked just below the exhaust manifold. So I'm in need of one asap as the salmon season is here willing to travel to get it. Please let me know if you have one thanks chad email is [email protected] and I will get back to ya asap
  4. Nice rig wish I had that kind of money because it would be in my yard for sure. I have a 22' sylvan now but really want a hardtop I will just keep my eyes open. I'm planning on a trip out to the big o next year with my boat cant wait. and what your asking is a steal for that set up for sure.
  5. Those releases are walkers great releases if you ask me I have them on my boat and would fish without them. cpmaple
  6. Hello just stopped in to say hello and find out more info on the big o. I own a 22' sylvan and wanting to go out after kings sometime. I have lots to learn first since I've never been out there fishing. I live in crown point ny right next to lake champlain. It was my first year fishing salmon on lake champlain by myself and did really well. Getting the boat set up as I go and before next year I will be replacing my lcr4 fishfinder with on with gps in it also and down imaging. So if anyone out there has input feel free to tell me looks like it could be a great time fishing for kings on the big o and would my boat be big enough to haul out and fish from?????? thanks chad (cpmaple)
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