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  1. I used a app called tangled fx to make it look cool. We caught 6 different sharks boating about 40. It was awesome the grouper from 200' crazy I didn't want to put too many pictures but he puts you on fish! Even the little Spanish mackerel at the end on light tackle are like trout they take off like bullets. I went march...not only did we catch fish on the charter I fished off the local bridges and a guy let me reel in a bull shark 1 1/2 hr fight took my own reel penn 850 ssm and hooked sharks, tarpon ,jacks... If you chose a different charter let me know the results because I will def be returning.

  2. At gander mountain I bought a pre rigged sucker set up. It has a small hook to go in the lip, and two large trebles with one side bent on an angle to put before to dorsal and after. Then a fluorocarbon leader. I was thinking about using this with a three way swivel and a pencil sinker on the upper river. I bought 2 ounce and 1 1/2 oz pencil sinks to use. I was thinking about just drifting the boat with these. Or when throw lures drop it back off my rigger about 5 ft down. Any suggestions

  3. Yah I actually think the guy used it to have two rod holders on his downrigger so I'm goin to see if I can work something out with the penn fathom master. If not my dad is a machinist we will be able to figure something out. I talked to the guy at the tackle shop I go to and just like online he can only order the bases and rings.

  4. I was fishing out of olcott Saturday evening and I had the silver with the blue glow. I put a herring strip in it and let the tail hang out and use a downrigger rubber band to hold it I was in 70 fow running it behind a wonder bread flasher and had a coho. Got him to the boat and rookie mistake left the rigger down by the time my dad grabbed the net he went around and under the boat and gone😧🔫

  5. Well I only paid 15$ for this so if i can come up with anything or have to put some money into it I'm not worried about it. Everything is aluminum so I have my money in scrap at the very least but I think I can come up with something. I have a board in back with two penn fathom master riggers on the outsides and two Scotty plastic rod holders on the inside but I want to replace the plastic Scotty's because its a pain in the ass to get the reels out of with a fish on.

  6. I bought a rod holder with two tite lok tubes on it. The person that I bought it off of didnt have the bottom pieces so I'm kind of in a jam with what I could do with this. Tite lok does not sell the swivel base part I need, atleast I couldn't find it. I want to separate the two of these and use them like normal. Or if anyone has any suggestions please shoot them at me here's some pics of what I'm dealing with and keep in mind I have a lund 1650 xlpost-153574-13793673674662_thumb.jpgpost-153574-13793674284768_thumb.jpg

  7. I lost that rod last year went out one night it was too ruff for the boat and just had the fever there was maybe me and one other person on the pier. I was throwing spoons had my other rod sitting with my stuff maybe 5 ft away had about 2 ft of line out with a spoon on it just over the side the salmon ran in then decided to go out to the lake and it caught my spoon and zoom splash still fought the fish for alittle longer until it must of hung up on something and broke my line. Bought that reel in montuak ny well I was fishing for st rippers and blues. Hope someone honest as yourself pulls it up one day

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