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  1. 10 new in package 12” fish shape / slasher blanks new 65.00 picked up Williamson ny 75.00 shipped call or txt for faster response 585-41O-1599
  2. 2 new in box cold water 303d 95.00 ea 1 new in box cold water high speed 303ds 115.00 prices are picked up in Williamson ny please call or txt for faster response 585-41O-1599
  3. Quick edit entries are due on Thursday june 23rd at 7pm for fridays multi species and for minion 2 fish challenge entry for Saturdays offshore classic are due Friday june 24th at 5pm cash in person only please contact one of the committee’s listed on the entry form to arrange your payment and sign up sheet drop off
  4. Minion 2 fish challenge Here's the scoop: Following the regular rules and regulations for both Friday's Multi-Species Challenge and Saturday's 5-fish box, boats may enter "The Minion 2-Fish Challenge" entry is $60.00 must be paid by 7pm on Thursday June 23rd Teams may opt to enter 1 or both fish on either Friday or Saturday. Each fish will be worth 10 points and 1 point per pound. In a Nut Shell: Boats entered in "The Minion 2-Fish Challenge" can weigh 2 fish total between fri and sat ... 1 each day or both fri or both sat ...once a fish is weighed it can not be removed or switched with another fish Any fish weighed has to be part of your box from multi species Friday or the offshore classic on Saturday not in addition and please know which fish you are weighing before you get to the scales because as stated above if a fish is weighed it cannot be removed or substituted Any species are eligible Payouts are approximate to the nearest whole number 1st place 50% 2nd place 30% 3rd place 20% In the event of tie who ever weighed their fish first
  5. Registration form even if you are not fishing the tournament feel free to attend the pig roast Saturday hosted by dream factory or Rochester starting at 4pm there will be raffles and live music
  6. Okuma convector 55ls high speed with 45 lb copper … can’t remember but i think it’s loaded with 300 ft copper and the rest is blood run 65lb braid as backer very little use 90.00 picked up Williamson ny 105 shipped
  7. Diawa sealine sg47lc3bl left hand retrieve with 1000ft blood run wire has upgraded power handle and drag masters carbon fiber drags eagle claw diver rod 10ft w twilli tip 100.00 b/opicked up Williamson ny
  8. Nice if u see him forward him my number
  9. Prefer silver/nickel standard size paint and tape doesn’t matter much as I plan to doctor them up let me know what u have 585 410 1599 prefer to pickup east side of Rochester to sodus thanks !
  10. Kelloutdoors/ depth raider made mine , very happy have to email them for Scotty mount but he can make them !
  11. 3 big paddles 2 8”pro troll 5 8”spindoctors 30 picked up Williamson ny 40 shipped
  12. I have a few 8” opti/pro king style white glow with the dual fins also able to cut tape and ladder backs
  13. Custom bait heads 12.00 each pot picked 15.90 shipped
  14. Any port ? one fish per division per day or 1 fish per division total ?
  15. If your un able to locate used or pre owned, check depth raider reasonably priced I’m happy with mine
  16. 15 spoons from mag all the way down to small 15.00 picked up Williamson ny 22.00 shipped to the states
  17. Torpedo ball bearing size 1 for browns size 2 for kings Size 3 for divers
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